Maybe Nintendo Needs A New Mascot

Mario may be identifiable as the sun to the wider population, but there's a generation of gamers coming of age who grew up playing more Pokémon than Paper Mario.

To better appeal to their sensibilities, then, perhaps Nintendo could take a look at its choice of mascot. I'm not saying get rid of Mario. Maybe just...evolve him.

By Dean Lord [Redbubble, via Insaneley Gaming]


    The title hints at a intelligent analysis for Nintendo IP and I receive this -.-

      This man and/or non-man deserves a prize.

      I hate the really bullshit content theft that goes on here, but this is probably the worst. The title implies an interesting analysis, and instead its total bullshit.

    I think Kotaku US needs better journalist, Im not saying get rid of..... who am I kidding get rid of him!

    Yeah I'm still surprised he is a paid journalist after that incident of calling his readers idiots and amongst other derogatory for not agreeing with his opinion.

    I am astonished. Here is a quote regarding Mario published almost two years ago to the day:

    "Whether appearing in his own flagship games or in spin-off titles where he plays basketball or becomes a paper airplane, Nintendo's mascot has been the most recognisable (and profitable) face this industry has ever - and will likely ever - see, almost single-handedly driving Nintendo through five whole generations of video game success."

    The author? Luke Plunkett.

    Nintendo needs a new mascot?

    *cough cough*

      You wouldn't be a good mascot, I'm afraid. Nintendo needs something cute and cuddly looking, but can appeal to anyone. A woman in a big metal suit with a canon just doesn't seem right to me.

    They'll obviously never replace Mario, but It would be interesting to see other popular Nintendo characters get some more attention, and maybe even some good spin-offs.

    Last time I checked, Nintendo is the only gaming company that actually has mascots... several in fact. They may not belong to Nintendo but even when I see Banjo Kazooie on Xbox I still think of Nintendo!

    What the Heck! That's like saying taking Walt Disney out of Disney! If it is not broke don't fix it.

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