Metal Gear Rising's Controls Seem, Well, Painfully Counterintuitive

Going into Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance at the Tokyo Game Show 2012, I was sure I knew what I was in for. After all, I have played (and liked) plenty of Platinum's previous titles — ie Bayonetta, Madworld, and Anarchy Reigns. Yet, my time with Rising was plagued with a major issue stemming from the game's incredibly counterintuitive controls. Simply put, I could not figure out how to block, dodge, or counter.

The only way I was able to not get hit was to sprint away. However, that was hardly a possibility in most instances as sprinting does not interrupt combos and takes a good solid second to initialize.

While fighting normal soldiers, not being able to block/dodge isn't too much of a problem as ripping out an enemy spine restores you to full life. However, while fighting metal gears and robotic dogs — which take much more than one slash to kill — there is no quick way to heal. Moreover, they strike hard enough to kill you in only two or three hits.

Sure I was missing something, I even went back for a second turn at Rising. I studied the controller layout sheet and, sure enough, there was no dodge, block, or counter button.

Finally, after asking many different people, I found one person able to explain to me that while there is still no dodge, you are, in fact, able to block. To block, you must do a weak attack at just the right moment — something I never would have guessed.

So while many of the controls are exactly what you would expect from a hack and slash action game — with weak attacks, strong attacks, and jumping exactly where you'd expect them to be — other parts of Rising, like blocking are counterintuitive at best. And frankly, blocking is certainly important in a game where you fight a hyperactive dog with a chainsaw for a tail.


    Interesting.... no block button? O_o Or could it be that they're just wanting people to be a little more skilled than 'hold the block button in indefinitely'?

    It's interesting that no one has mentioned this until now, personally I loved Bayonetta giving me the option to parry or dodge because i suck at parrying. I remember reading an interview with platinum saying that blocking just slows down the combat and makes it feel unnatural and have to agree, though a dodge button would have been nice =/

    For a minute there I thought something was actually wrong.

    If you ask me, the right way to do evade and block is like God of War or Castlevania Lord of Shadows. The Timing for block-counters is perfect and unblockable moves are well telegraphed, in these games I found no time to slow down and block constantly.

    I didn't mind the lack of a block button, if you're good enough you don't need one. (I played it at The EuroGamer Expo). The controls are fairly simple if you ask me. Square for weak attack, Triangle for strong attack, hold L1 for blade mode (use left analog to cut, right analog to move if needed), hold R1 for fast run, X to jump, O to Zan-Datsu. Simple if you ask me. By the way, if anyone's wondering, this game is REVOLTUIONARY!

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