New Trailer For The New Kingdom Hearts Game...Collection...Thing

Square Enix was really weird about Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix at the Tokyo Game Show. Kept saying it was a "video work". We're sure there's going to be game in there somewhere, probably a lot going by the footage here, but just how much, we won't know until Square stops being so weird.

Anyway, here's the project's debut trailer, which had previously been shown only on the floor at TGS.


    Where is my English version? WHERE IS IT!?


    So what comes out quicker?
    - Half life 2 episode 3
    - Half Life 3
    - Kingdom Hearts 3

    Dear Square Enix, Dont be a stooge, release this in english else were, not just japan

      You don't want it. It's just better cutscenes. And the cutscenes in KH1 were long and rambly, it wasn't until KH2 that they were actually decent. And then the rest of them sucked, except maybe for Dream Drop Distance and even then you had to watch them twice because of the whole riku being in soras dreams thing.

    I hope that Square-Enix goes broke before they can release this. Unlikely, but I hope so.

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