Nintendo, Please Make A Tiny Nintendo 64

You know, once was a time Nintendo were serious about releasing miniature versions of their consoles. The NES got one (the NES-101), the SNES got one (the SNES 2), but ever since, Nintendo's been all "eh, the original model will do".

Which is a pity, because smackedsam's shrunken N64 looks terrific! It's not trying to reinvent the wheel, or modernise the original look, it just takes the overall design of the N64 and makes it nice and compact. Which, along with the logos, makes this look official!

Those interested, it's actually for sale; you can contact the creator (and seller) at the link below.

(And yeah, I know, the DS was kind of a tiny N64, but it didn't have a joystick! No Goldeneye or Pod Racing!)

Nintendo 64 Mini [YouTube, via technabob]


    Doesn't look as good as the original. It's not so much a miniaturised version - it's really just had the edges (the most iconic part of the original design mind you) lopped off.

    Very clever. Pointless and a waste of time but still clever.

    Well they released the icue system in China which was a N64 all built into the controller.

    They remade the Wii...

      They knocked the Wii over and broke it. The new model was not an improvement in any way and it lost ability to play GameCube games which is the best part about a Wii.

      Wii is a Gamecube though, not an N64.

      I think it looks nice.

    Does the GBA micro count? They pretty much made that specifically to market to fans...

      GBA Micro ruled :) was my fav GB and I own all models, It's inbuilt battery with bright and clear screen and so small... ahh those were the days. Anyways nintendo totally needs like a All in one machine that can play GC/N64/possibly Nes also :c I know u can just do that on a PC but it's never as fun or runs at native frame rates plus restricted by no periferals/cant plug a gameboy in and load up all ur pokemans for Stadium.

      If only...

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