Obsidian's Project Eternity Smashes Past 2 Million On Kickstarter

To begin with Obsidian wanted $1.1 million to create Project Eternity. A large amount of money by Kickstarter standards. They had 30 days in which to raise the money. It reached that target quickly. Very quickly. So, as we've come to expect from Kickstarter projects, Obsidian created some stretch goals — features they would integrate if money was raised above and beyond the original target. Well, it looks like they've smashed past all of that too...

It's getting out of control. Project Eternity still has 20 days of funding left and it's just cracked $2 million. At this stage I'm kinda wondering if the folks at Obsidian are sitting at HQ, scratching their head to think of new stretch goals just for the sake of it.

"Do you think we should throw some moonwalking dragons into the mix?"

"Sure, it can't hurt, can it?"

[Adds new $2.4 million stretch goal]

Congrats to Obsidian — it just goes to show that a tight niche fanbase can really do incredible things, and provide great support to studios who want to create pet projects. Hope it all goes well.


    I think they are scratching their heads. Now they're adding difficulty mode strech goals, but I'm fairly certain they would have had that in the game anyway, going off of their previous releases.

    Every dollar extra means they can devote more time to making it as good as possible and more manpower toward it. 2 million is still a pretty small budget for an RPG of this sort of scope.

    Their next stretch goal should be hiring more testers and bug fixers. More quality over quantity and all that.

      They're in control of QA with PE, not Bethesda or anyone else. So they have the opportunity to test them to their standards, not anyone else's.

      Time in QA is mandated by the publisher, not the developer.

        Yeah - except every other 3rd party developer seems to be able to release a quality product, while Obsidian turns out a bugged filled mess no matter which publisher they're working with.

        I wouldn't care if their games weren't so good. :)

        The point isn't that they are in control but that they have the resource to test and approach it properly.

        Speaking from experience, getting your lead developer and their team to physically QA software is not a great combination, most companies tend to prioritise having a proper QA team as the final part.

        Just sayin


    I wonder if the more stretch goals they meet, the less likely they are of delivering in the timeframe promised... I wanna play it now! :P

    Well.. $25 pledge doesn't seem too bad.. so I've done that.. It's still atleast 1.5 years away (Apr 2014)..

    So what stretch goal is the moon walking dragon in? :P

    It'll be interesting to see what Obsidian come up with, now they don't have to pander to publishers.

    They only have to pander to the public. 8)

    Anyone else amused that the article image is a screenshot of a "play" button? I clicked it assuming it's actually the video... nope... it's a screenshot. ffs.

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