Old Men Who Use Computers Are Less Likely To Suffer From Dementia

For some strange reason, I always love it when old people use computers — in a slightly silly, patronising way. I admire the tenacity to keep up with technology. My Grandad, for example, who is in his 70s, totally uses Spotify. That is awesome. Now it seems like research has shown that older gentlemen who use computers in later life actually increase their chances of avoiding dementia. Win win!

A study titled 'Older Men Who Use Computers Have Lower Risk of Dementia' followed 5506 men between the ages of 69 to 87; 37% of which reported computer use. The study found that men who reported computer usage were 40% less likely to suffer from dementia.

The study was careful to note its findings were tentative, citing limitations in the study design, but it makes sense — old people who use computers are, essentially, challenging their brains in new ways and that alone should make a difference. It's the same reason old people are encouraged to do crosswords and Sudoku.

The study, in general, seemed to focus around internet usage but I'd like to see a similar study undertaken using video games. Surely that would also have a positive effect?

You can read the study in its entirety here.

Old men who use computers less likely to get dementia [The Register]


    That's good news!

    Now I can tell wifey that gaming comes before chores or she'll end up looking after me when i've got dementia.

    Video Games:1 Dementia:0

      Well that is your opinion, dementia has a grip on me.

    Common sense really. Too many old people just do nothing all day and just look out a window. When you don't use your brain, it will be one of the earlier organs to shutdown.


        ..though perhaps the cause and effect are the other way around - maybe older people try to learn computers BECAUSE their minds are still relatively fit?

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