Pedestrian Traffic Button Becomes Video Game: Genius

You live in a city. You try to walk across a street. There's traffic. You press the button and...nothing happens. It's as if it was a placebo. Boring.

So this German student has done the world a great favour by designing the perfect time-waster. Some of the cool features include a countdown timer showing how long the traffic lights are green (or red) and the fact it's multiplayer, pitting you against someone on the other side of the street.

It's probably far too dangerous, and expensive, to ever be adopted for widespread use, but it'd be nice to see a few installed around Köln for next year's Gamescom!

Play Pong While Waiting for the Light toChange [MAKE]


    You are pedestrian in both manner and intellect. By typing the word Traffic into the KOTAKU search engine I came up with
    This is called RESEARCH. I CHALLENGE YOU SIR TO A DUEL OF INTELLECT! Name the date, time and subject.

      Hey I did the same thing :O. I even decided on "traffic" as a search term.

      I figured it'll be okay if the original was an Australian article (since the US don't get them) but the original was a Kotaku US article which he would've seen. Oh well no biggie though...

    I disagree. Plunkett posts absolute sh!t. It is typically unresearched nonsense that displays both his own lack of integrity and the idiocy of his peers. It is an affront to western employment statutes that he is not currently seeking work in countries that ignore copyright law. I find both the un researcher FACTS he presents and his lack of referencing offensive.

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