Let Pong Explain The Occupy Wall Street Movement To You

Let Pong Explain The Occupy Wall Street Movement To You

Maybe you don’t quite know what all the Occupy Wall Street fuss is about. May you don’t care. The MK12 creative collective does, though, and they’ve used the Atari classic Pong to illustrate the basic philosophy of the social protest movement.

The changes happen slowly at first in the video. Things seem evenly matched, even if one side keeps on winning. Then, you look up and the financial and institutional unfairness that the Occupy movement is protesting is made manifest in the giant size of the right paddle. You can probably figure out the rest.

MK12 ZeroFilm NYC Open [Vimeo]


  • This still doesn’t explain what these people are protesting against. Im fed up with Kotaku and their left wing propoganda rubbish.

  • Power in numbers? Really? I had no idea! This is utterly brilliant, even if they nuke these people, there will still be a lot left to hit with napalam!

    I can’t stand occupy and it’s pathetic attempt to do anything, it’s just an excuse for people to feel like they’re a part of something, to protest and feel like they’ve made some kind of a change. Just a bunch of new age hippies at work.

    I hope some troll drops some of those practical joke/stage smoke bombs.

  • If I lived in America I would be pretty pee’d off with the big corps and corrupt republician’s that screwed the country over for the last 10 yrs, at the cost of that nations economy and countless thosands if not millions of lives lost in questionable “wars” and the profitering that goes with it, but yesterday I past “occuply Adelaide” maybe 10 or so tents set up in a city park and thought WTF?Our economy and unemployment is’nt down the drain, and most of the people “protesting” were hippy baby-boomers those generation owns most of the wealth and has the best paying jobs in this country.

    • So, our government signing Australia up to a carbon tax which will suck $30 billion+ a year out of our economy and give it directly to the same mega corporations which rooted America isnt an issue?
      Gillard agreeing to and signing Australia up to pay billions towards the Euro debt isnt an issue? The Euro crisis caused by the same corporations that crashed America?

      People who are calling the occupy protesters need to educate themselves on what is happening and why people are protesting.

      • If you think the biggest problem with our country at the moment is a tax which forces the largest companies to pay more, encourages them to be more environmentally friendly and future-proofs our country, environment and economy from the massive price rises that go along with the usage of rapidly depleting resources, you are a fucking tool.

        Worse, you aren’t just a tool. You’re a whole fucking toolbox. The Occupy protests in the US are there for very good reason. Though in our country they aren’t. There are follow-on effects from their situation that do affect us, but they aren’t because of some imiagined slush fund that throws money ate “mega-corporations”.

        America is fucked because they’ve spent the last 50 years demonising taxation, stripping money from essential government security nets and provisions and then throwing ten times that money into things that artificially prop up economically un-viable industries in order to quick fix huge, institutional problems. All the while they’ve constantly preached free trade and egalitarian philosophies whilst simultaneously being one of the most protectionist and hegemonic economies ever.

        I was going to keep going but the problems the US is facing now is a literal tapestry of poor decisions, pork barrelling, quick fixes, short sightedness and greed. It would take an essay. Several, in fact.

        Go hate on “The Man” somewhere else and stop throwing out baseless conspiracy theories about how our government is trying to screw us for shits and giggles. There are plenty of problems without idiots like you making up more.

          • I can’t watch Youtube at work, but judging from the one broken sentence reply and link, I’m going to assume it’s your smarmy little way of saying “here is a video of an Occupy protestor who is an idiot therefore the entire protest is dumb”.

            If that’s what you’re doing here, then good for you. Nothing anyone says to you will make any sense because you are just way too edgy and cool to give a single fuck. Carry on blaming the victims for institutionalised degradation of living conditions and hyper-concentration of wealth regardless of merit.

            If not, then please do elaborate. I’m happy to listen to a disagreeing opinion if you are going to put in some effort and say something worth thinking about instead of throwing up a no effort post and a Youtube link.

          • It doesn’t matter if the person is an ‘idiot’. He still demo-straights at a basic level why the lefts logic is unfounded.

          • Howabout you wander on back to my post and actually read the first line. Then write a reply that is more than a barely coherent no effort post with some actual argument about why “the lefts” stance is unfounded.

            One of the major points both for and against the protests are the complete lack of unifying cause on an individual level. I don’t see any way way you can boil the entirety of the movement down to a single illogical argument that you can easily rebut. But if you think you can, that’s cool. Just, you know… do it. Instead of the whole barely coherent one liner stuff. Wait… let’s be fair; you wrote two barely coherent lines last time. A full 100% boost in productivity!

          • I wasn’t going to actually address your completely backward point, but it’s driving me a bit mad that you think “One person who is stupid negates an entire social movement” and then when I tell you that you can’t possibly dismiss an entire social movement on the pretext that one supporter is somewhat dubious in their reasons for support, you just say the same thing a different way.

            If the person has no legitimate reason for supporting it, it shows that that particular person has no logical reason. It doesn’t discount the entirety of the movement as a whole.

            The fact that you have the balls to assess logic when you have absolutely no idea how it works is either hilarious or really very sad. I’m not sure which.

        • Wow. Did you just skim read my post then fire off on a massive rant?
          Settle down princess. You just break up with your boyfriend or something?

          • No, I read your post that implied all kinds of conspiracy theory stupidness and showed me that you have no clue about the things you were accusing our government of. Then I wrote a nice, detailed response as to why what you wrote is nonsensical.

            But please, act like an even bigger moron and imply homosexuality as an insult.

          • What conspiracy theories?
            A simple search will show you the facts and you can read the statements made by Gillard herself?

          • “$30 billion+ a year out of our economy and give it directly to the same mega corporations which rooted America ”
            Insane. There is literally no proof of this. Show me where the government has told us it is going to just hand 30 billion dollars a year out as free money to the people it is taking the money from in the first place. Please. I have popcorn.

            “The Euro crisis [was] caused by the same corporations that crashed America”
            Again. Insane. The Euro crisis was caused by a hugely interconnected system of poor investments and institutionalised spending of money the governments of a few countries didn’t have with no clear way of repaying the debt. This is also very much a contributing factor to the US downfall at present, but it isn’t the result of some group of Randian shadow men.

  • Wow, people hating on Kotaku for jumping on a soapbox by…jumping on a soapbox.

    If you don’t want politics in your news, don’t put politics in my comment feed. Just ignore it.

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