Plan Your Borderlands 2 Characters Now, Ahead Of The Game's Release

Want to mess around with the Borderlands 2 skill trees, and get a feel for precisely which direction you're going to take your characters before the game is released? Well, Gearbox has put together a little something on its website that allows you to do just that.

I actually think this is pretty useful — it'll allow you to get an early feel for all the skill trees, and how to best use all your points. So when September 20 comes around, there'll be less faffing about, because the experimentation will already have been done.

There are currently four character trees to play around with — Axton, Salvador, Zero, and Maya. You can head to the original forum post for more information, including what new functionality will be added to this feature and when.

Thanks VG247


    I really can't wait for this game :(

    You messed up the link for Zero:

    Mark, the link for Zero is a broken link.

    I noticed that the skill 'cauterize' is gone from the soldier guy now. That's gonna make a pretty big difference, because that was probably the best way to heal each other in co op.

      ...and it seems that skill has been given to the Siren now, and renamed 'restoration'. Interesting....

    Not having a dig at Kotaku, but I find all this prerelease coverage of Borderlands is detrimental to my enjoyment. I try and avoid it as best I can, but I feel like I've vicariously played and discovered a fair amount of the game's content. Maybe that's my fault, maybe I should turn off the internets, or at the very least avoid pages like this :D

      I would have to agree with your assertions, G... Reading articles like this probably isn't helping with your "I want to avoid reading articles about Borderlands 2" issue. Perhaps, if you simply read articles about monkeys, cars and/or legumes between now and Sept 20, you'd be heaps happier... Just a suggestion.

        Oh my god, I want a car powered by legumes chauffeured by a monkey.

          I clicked on the article to make a point, but I felt I should point out the hypocrisy in doing so.
          It could be a pedal-powered car: the monkey pedals, and eats legumes to keep his strength up. This will definitely keep me busy til next Friday. Cheers guys :D

    I think I'll wait for the game release. Faffing about with Borderlands was one of the things I really enjoyed. It is for this reason I don't watch gameplay vids either.

    I use 21, 9, 0 taking magic penetration in the offense tree and armour and health regeneration in the defense tree.

      It'll help you do tons of damage.

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