Borderlands 2's Mechromancer Class Skill Tree Now Available For Tinkering

Gearbox finally revealed the tinkerable skill tree for the upcoming Mechromancer class. Go play!

The DLC will be available on October 16, but you can learn more about the noob-friendly and hardcore-friendly skill trees that make her quite the versatile character class.

Personally, I'm just excited for the robot companion!


    Apparently the link didn't carry though from Kotaku US.

      Wouldn't they have people who ensure that articles are working across site or am I thinking of a fictional job here?

        It's called an editor. Someone who reads the article and fixes errors before hitting publish. But this is the internet and we're in Australia so nobody seems to give a shit.

    and I still need to just play the normal game. I'm only like, level 15. RE6 really chomped away a lot of my time.

    Way excited about this new class. The skills make it seem a lot more fun than I thought it would be before I saw the skill tree. Now it just looks amazing.

    Maxed out alot on the left and then the middle tree, right tree is meh

    "Fancy Mathematics, The Stare, Buck Up, Discord, Evil Enchantress and 20% Cooler" ... Not even borderlands is safe from My Little Pony

      Make it Sparkle, Best Friends Forever (well, not quite BBBFF), Potent as a Pony.

        Oh, the "Make it Sparkle" also references Twilight - Robots are like vampires: they sparkle when hit with incendiary rounds.

    "Ordered Chaos" skill tree is very complex.. I like diversity but that tree is something I probably would shy away from.. the first tree "Best Friends Forever" is very similar to the Commando's skill trees and the one in the middle, "Little Big Trouble" is similar to the Siren's.. So I'd probably do what Rhys said.. max out the left and then additional in the middle tree..

      Wait I'm confused, none of the comments above mine appeared until after I commented myself?

    Randy just tweeted Gaige is coming out by the end of the day!!!

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