Watch Borderlands 2's Mechromancer In Action

The first official trailer for Borderlands 2's newest playable class — the Mechromancer — shows off how versatile her three skill trees are.

You can get a sense of the kind of play style you can mould Gaige towards, as well as how she looks in action. I already told you she feels great, but here she is backing it up with kills alongside her powerful, metal companion.


    She's fun but her voice annoys me. So does zeroes

      Yeah I actually find all the voices annoying in this one especially axton he sounds stupid, I personally thought the mechromancer has the best sayings though, all my co op friends love being revived to her screaming

      at one point i had a class mod that made her sound like a man, try and find if u dislike so much

    Tried her, didnt like her. I know her design was for a person who doesnt play game sbut it made it feel so easy playing as her, things died to so quick, Deathtrap goes anywhere ... ill stick with Axton or Zero, (atleast Zero's quips are pretty funny)

    Yeah i thought Mechromancer made things a little too easy.. i still prefer Maya

    Wish they did a quick intro vid or all the classes like this.
    From the intro vid I thought Zero was going to shake up the combat a bit; but he is just so dull.

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