Borderlands 2's Mechromancer Has A Name

It's always "Mechromancer this" or "Nerchromancer" that. Why does no one call the robot-riding downloadable character for Borderlands 2 by her real name? Oh, we didn't know it. Now we do. Hello, Gaige. Nice death machine you've got there.


    My goodness waiting for this game is getting harder and harder arghhh

    TEN. DAYS.....

      Don't you mean 8 days? It's released in Aus on Sept 20

        EVEN BETTER. Sorry, the flu seems to have slowed down time for me

          What? It appears I'm more powerful than I'd ever thought possible...

    No exactly original, but I guess it's better than calling her Gear or Ratchet or something similar.

    Also, wait, she's an adult? This is the first time I've seen a full body picture of her. I always assumed she was a kid based on the pics I'd seen before.

      It does look like her design has changed slightly

    Someone at Gearbox is a Stephen King fan.

      If you look at the talent trees, you can see they are fans of many many awesome things! So many pop culture references... It's almost too much

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