See How A Real Skyrim Helmet Is Made (In Under Four Minutes)

Props genius Harrison Krix has been making a few helmets based on those found in Skyrim, and they've all been lovely, but just how the hell does he do that exactly?

Oh. This video explains it. Charting the process from early cutting to the final touches, we get to see a lump of junk slowly shaped and coerced into becoming a badass replica helmet from a video game.

I'm glad the smithing in the actual game wasn't this hard. I'd have tried for four minutes before chucking it in, to then spend the next 70 hours getting my skull caved in for want of a decent helmet.

Helm of Yngol, Skyrim [Volpin Props]


    a lot of effort, hes a good artist

    Do want.

    I can't he but think that it might be quicker to just forge one out of steel.

      Not as quick as you think. Forging armour takes a lot of experience and a lot of uninterrupted time. I'm a Blacksmith by trade and there is a lot of work in that.

    Certainly a lot longer than 4 minutes in actual construction.. I wonder how long it really took.

    This is pretty amazing, but it has nothing on my cardboard box and pipe cleaners version.

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