The Cosplay Of PAX: Day One

The Seattle Convention centre was covered in video game characters today for the first day of the Penny Arcade Expo. There were all manner of costumes — the elaborate, the humble, the humorous, the bizarre. Tina, Jason and I captured as many as we could for our first gallery.

Up top, three ladies re-create three famous Zelda characters in what had to be the most impressive cosplay of the day. Check out their full costumes:

Dang! Check out all the cosplay below, and as always, click the images to see the full version. We'll be back tomorrow with another roundup — let us know in the comments if you got pictures of any good outfits we missed!


    I noticed that a surprise number of those cosplayers are dressed as League of Legends champions

      There's a fairly strong and unique visual design that allows these to be easily distinctive. It's extremely difficult to cosplay as anyone in a modern FPS for instance since they all are generic muscle men.

      That's why fighting games like Lol or Street Fighter which always have unique characters tend to attract Cosplayers like flies to honey.

        Ummm... You seen the size of Ryu/Ken/Guile/Zangief/anyone else from SF lately? They're pretty tank...

          You totally missing his point as stressed by the word "generic". It's not that people don't like to cosplay muscly characters, rather, than characters in most FPS are cookie-cutter and bland offering little immediate recognition nor being interesting to make a costume of.

    that Midna is the stuff of nightmares

    Okay, that Wakka is actually brilliant.

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