Our Favourite Cosplays From PAX Australia

Image: Steamkittens

Even though PAX doesn't have an official cosplay competition, or much for cosplayers at all aside from a few panels here and there, it's still a huge event that draws some of Australia's best costumes. From giant Overwatch groups to incredible Blizzard costumes, PAX has it all. Here are some of our favourite cosplay photos from across the weekend.

Click through the slideshows below to see some of the best in PAX cosplay, and PAX cosplay photography. This first set is from Sydney photographer Byte Size Photography:

Adelaide photographer and PAX staple Steamkittens was there snapping photos as well. PAX protip: if you're ever wanting to see some cosplayers at PAX, find Steamkittens and you'll find a whole crowd of costumed people waiting for photos with him. Here are some of our favourites from his shots:

Last but not least we've grabbed some photos from Snap Happy Ian, who is incredibly good at finding a tiny space in convention centres and making it look like a proper studio shoot. Here are some of his shots:

PAX is also prime territory for some amazing cosplay videos. Check out the videos below from JATSTV and Quackpot Media.

As always, if you know any cosplayer credits that are missing, let me know and I'll add them in!

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    Last image from Ian (the D.Va) is SuddenlyGreen. So many good shots. I wish I'd had a chance to get in front of Ian's camera but his lineup was just as nuts as Leigh's.

    Honoured to be among the cosplaylers chosen in this article!

    Those are all amazing cosplays.

    I go to PAX AUS every year and this year was the first time I ever cosplayed at a convention. I went as Darth Vader.

    This photo was taken by Scott Dixon of SLDixon Photography - https://i.imgur.com/Bx0NB63.jpg

    The costume was put together in numerous ways. The helmet I already had, the armor I made myself (EVA foam), the under suit I commissioned online, and the cape/under robes was commissioned by none other than my mum. :P

    My favourite was the girl dressed as the Prince of All Cosmos rolling around a Katamari. I could post a picture, but that's probably not the done thing.

      That was the one with the Katamari made out of a gym ball and plastic plates? So clever!

    I was the D.Va in Ian's last shot posted there! My cosplay name is SuddenlyGreen ???? Thank you for sharing! PAX was an absolutely amazing convention with an inspiring amount of talented cosplayers, photographers and videographers. I can't wait for next year!

    Hey One Shot cosplay. It always warms up my heart when people cosplay the little known IPs.

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