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In the world of so-bad-it's-good cosplay, a few costumes come up time and time again. Cardboard box Gundam. Party satin Samus. That Flareon fursuit with the dead, dead eyes.

But the one that I will always love is this beautiful, phallic, muppety take on Death Note's usually terrifying shinigami demon Ryuk - and that's because it made its first and only appearance at my very first convention. So here, from a dark time in Australian cosplay history, is the story of that Ryuk costume.


The team that'll represent Australia at the World Cosplay Summit in Japan next year has been chosen! Congratulations to Team Australia 2019: K Cosplay and A.K. Wirru.


June was pretty damn busy on the convention front. Between Madman Anime Festival, Melbourne Oz Comic Con and Supanovas in both Sydney and Perth I really just haven't had time to keep up. So instead, here are some of the best cosplays from across the four events as we move into the pointy end of convention season.


Cosplayers from all across Australia converged on the Gold Coast last weekend for Gold Coast Supanova, giving us whole lot of great new costumes and fantastic cosplay photography. While the Gold Coast doesn't have much in the way of big cosplay competitions, it does have a reputation as a great social event, so some of Australia's best cosplayers and photographers tend to head up to take part. Here are some of our favourites photos from the convention.


It feels like you don't get any conventions for such a long time, but then when it rains, it pours! Supanova kicked off its year of events in Melbourne this past weekend, and the Melburnian cosplayers rose spectacularly to the occasion. Come on in and check out some of our favourite photos from Supanova Melbourne.


I have to admit, as a Sydneysider I do live in a bit of an east coast bubble. But every time the folks over in Western Australia get their cosplay on, I'm forced to remember that that side of the country exists, and that there's some damn talented people over there.


The Australian convention season has been farewelled with one last hurrah -- Supanova Expo in Adelaide. Yes, the year is essentially over for cosplayers, who will now finally clean up all the worbla scraps and abandoned wigs lying around their houses. Before we're done, however, we've got a gallery of some pretty top notch cosplay out of Adelaide to tide you over until next year!


If you're serious about cosplay, you have to know how to take a good selfie. It's pretty much mandatory. But sometimes when you're wearing a complicated costume, or you're covered in bodypaint, or you're in a convention centre with unflattering lighting, it’s a lot easier said than done. We asked some experienced cosplayers how they take their best selfies.


The Australian convention season is coming to a close, as the weather gets warm enough disable the average cosplayer. But before we pack our wigs and armour away for the year, there's just a couple of events left. We headed up to Brisbane Supanova to see the sights -- and captured some of them to bring back to you.


Even though PAX doesn't have an official cosplay competition, or much for cosplayers at all aside from a few panels here and there, it's still a huge event that draws some of Australia's best costumes. From giant Overwatch groups to incredible Blizzard costumes, PAX has it all. Here are some of our favourite cosplay photos from across the weekend.


The last Oz Comic Con has now been and gone -- and what better setting for it than the beautifully renovated International Convention Centre in Sydney. After being stuck for years at a frankly unphotogenic location, cosplayers and photographers alike took advantage of the new building to take some beautiful photos.


Oz Comic Con is done for the year, but thankfully we've still got a good few weeks of cosplay photos to look forward to from the latest two events. First, to Brisbane with its lush gardens and cosplay-destroying humidity. Here's some of our favourite photos from this year's Brisbane Comic Con!


Animaga is a smaller convention in Melbourne that focuses on anime, manga and games -- hence the name. If you're not deep in the anime scene, or live outside of Melbourne then it may have just slipped under your radar. But where there's a convention, there's cosplayers, and Melbourne brought its A-game for Animaga.


While Australia doesn't have a full-blown con season like the US does, around this time of year we can still rely on having a con every week or two. The most recent of these was Evolve Perth, a relatively new convention on the scene with a big focus on cosplay. Here's some of our favourite costumes from the single day con.


Sydney's biggest anime convention, Smash, has come again to Rosehill Gardens, bringing with it a cavalcade of bright and colourful cosplayers. With a focus on the Japanese side of things, Smash gets quite a different range of costumes to the ones you'll regularly see at gaming expos or comic cons -- though there are some old favourites thrown in as well.