All The Australian Pop Culture And Video Game Conventions In 2018

All The Australian Pop Culture And Video Game Conventions In 2018

Whether you’re a long-time convention-goer or considering dipping your toe in for the first time, it’s time to start planning your con trips for 2018. Here are all the events taking place in Australia in 2018.

Note: this list was originally posted on January 4, 2018 and has since been updated.





  • Supanova Melbourne: April 20-22, Melbourne Showgrounds
  • Sydney Brick Show: April 21-22, Penrith Panthers Pavilion
  • Supanova Gold Coast: April 27-29, Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre
  • BrisCon: April 28-29, Brisbane Table Tennis Centre
  • May

  • Comic Gong: May 19, Wollongong City Library
  • Freeplay Independent Games Festival Melbourne: May 22-27, Venue TBC
  • June






    If you know of any other geeky Australian events, let us know in the comments and we’ll add them in!


    • I have to say online shopping and eBay have killed a lot of conventions for me, when I was younger friends and I would go to comic conventions to pick up those elusive issues we were missing or get cool merchandise we couldn’t get any where else, but now just Google it and you’ll find a shop to buy it online from.

      • Honestly the stalls are just a minute part of the con experience for me.

        I tend to go to the Comic/Anime/Gaming events for the panels and guests. I mean as you said if I was just there for some shopping it’s pretty easy to get most of it online. The panels and the funny stuff from guests q and a sessions. Always priceless 😀

    • Perth Games Festival, usually at the end of the year (November-ish). Don’t think a date is set for 2018 yet

    • Magneticon – Townsville Popular Culture Convention is held in Townsville, North Queensland. It has run for the past two years and will be happening again on the 2nd and 3rd of June this year. Smaller event but awesome for North Queenslanders who can’t or don’t want to go to Brisbane to get a taste of popular culture.

    • Now… now… see here guys… You said ALL of them, and yet you forgot at least one.

      Nerdmania, witch is help in Shepparton, Vic, and will be it’s 3rd year this year, if it gets held (witch, given the turnout last year, is a pretty good chance). It is run by a group known as Word and Mouth, witch is a local group that creates events over the year in the area.

      If Kotaku could start looking in to other, small local convictions, and even trade markets (there is one held in Box Hill every month or so), it would be really nice. Hell, don’t even have article for it, instead have the ‘Kotaku Events Calendar’ and list all of them, big or small.

      • Added a couple of smaller regional cons just now! Generally trying to stick to events that have definitely announced a 2018 event though and the smaller ones don’t seem to announce as early unfortunately. Couldn’t find details on a Nerdmania 2018 but I’ll keep an eye out 🙂

    • This is a good list. Just adding a comment so I can find it if it’s updated – but I’ll plug these into Google Calendar now.

      Anyone know if there’s a good iCal I can subscribe to for things like this? I’ve also been trying to find a good esport calendar but any that exist seem to be lapsed now.

    • Here are some you missed:

      – Brickvention VIC, January 20th-21st, Royal Exhibition Building
      – GeekFest VIC, January 21st, Coal Creek Community Park & Museum
      – ConFurgence VIC, February 23rd-25th, Amora Hotel Riverwalk
      – Ettin Con NSW, February 24th, Blackheath Community Centre
      – ComiXpo VIC, March 4th, Matthew Flinders Hotel
      – Creatures of the Night 5 VIC, March 17th, Rydges on Swanston
      – Creatures of the Night 5 SA, March 18th, Hotel Grand Chancellor
      – Creatures of the Night 5 NSW, March 24th, Rydges Sydney Central
      – Creatures of the Night 5 QLD, March 25th, Park Regis North Quay
      – FurDU QLD, May 4th-6th, Mantra on View
      – Comic Gong NSW, May 19th, Wollongong
      – Continuum XIV: Conjugation VIC, June 8th-11th, Jasper Hotel
      – Great Northern War XIX QLD, June 8th-11th, Chambers Flat
      – Queer Expo VIC, June 30th-July 1st, St. Kilda Town Hall
      – Winterfest NSW, July 7th-8th, Hawkesbury Showground
      – Abbey Medieval Festival QLD, July 14th-15th, The Abbey Museum

      Cons definitely/likely returning in 2018 but dates TBA:
      – Ettin Con NSW (Winter)
      – Eyecon NSW
      – All Hell Breaks Loose (various states)
      – Deza-Con VIC
      – Phenomenon ACT
      – Geelong Gamer Convention VIC
      – Haven Expo QLD
      – Nerdmania VIC
      – Nexus Con NSW
      – Sugar City Con QLD
      – Balingup Medieval Carnivale WA
      – Meeplecon VIC

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