PAX Australia And EB Expo Team Up

PAX Australia And EB Expo Team Up
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Things are going to be a little bit different at this year’s PAX Australia. The convention will play host to EB Expo like some sort of convention babushka dolls or maybe it’s more like Voltron.

Either way the two conventions are teaming up.

PAX Australia is returning to the Melbourne on October 26-28 and now they’re bringing a friend. As part of the three day convention – which itself is a part of Creative Victoria’s Melbourne International Games Week – EB Expo will have a dedicated area for the world’s largest publishers to show off their goods.

The panels, boardgames, cosplay, esports, hands-on demos and concerts that people have been coming back to PAX Australia for years will all still be there. Now the combined efforts of PAX Australia and EB Expo promise that there will be even more.

“PAX Aus grows every year, and in 2018, EB Expo is the red mushroom to our Italian plumber,” said Jono Whyman, Event Manager of PAX Aus. “We’re incredibly excited to partner with EB Games to level up PAX Aus and continue to put on the biggest, best gaming show for our die-hard fans and new members of the PAX family.”

It’s unclear what this means for the future of EB Expo as a separate convention. Last year, the convention moved from Sydney to the Gold Coast and now, as a part of PAX Australia, it will take place in Melbourne.


  • Despite being an occasional customer of EB, I’m not sure that this will be good for those who have been going to PAX AUS since it started. Hopefully, all it means is that there will be a dedicated space for the publishers, and brings back some of the heavyweights that weren’t there last year. Unfortunately, I fear that this will push ticket prices through the roof given that EB would probably want marketing dollars from this. However, it does explain why the tickets haven’t been released yet

  • Combining two things like this doesn’t always work at well, especially when of them is EB. It’ll ruin PAX.
    It’ll be like when Freddie Mercury was combined with AIDS.

    • If only we could’ve chased the AIDS away and saved Freddie. Shoo, AIDS!
      Now we just need to chase the EB away from PAX! Shoo, dirty EB!

  • So what your saying is that the PAX Cosplayers will need to buy a cosplay ticket like a eb expo, also what your saying is that now you can buy 2 types of pax tix, a morning session or a twilight session or if you buy a full day pass and ask to leave

  • The panels, boardgames, cosplay, esports, hands-on demos and concerts that people have been coming back to PAX Australia for years will all still be there.

    How many smaller developers and retailers will be pushed out by this decision? And those who are allowed to remain, how restricted will they be? Can smaller retailers sell the same items as EB Games?

    What about media? EB Expo is extremely unfriendly to smaller media groups, companies and websites. Larger ones like Kotaku will be more than welcome and have unrestricted 3-day access, others will get the half a day with the crowd policy that EB Expo does?

    How many panels will be dropped in favor of EB Games sale pitches? Will things like the Diversity Lounge be allowed?

    If anything, this brings about a lot of things to worry about if EB Games has too much influence in PAX Aus and the running of the convention.

      • Err.. No it hasn’t. 2011 the first year was on the Gold Coast, then 2012 through 2016 was in Sydney, then in 2017 it was back on the Gold Coast.

        • Oh no! Two years out of six Sydney wasn’t the headline for a convention!

          Sydney has the ENTIRE AUSTRALIAN GAMES INDUSTRY. But it’s not enough right?

          • That’s cool dude. But misleading facts are just that, misleading. Also you’re not missing out on much, I attended the last Gold Coast one & well, whilst it was impressive, basically it was 2 hours in a line to try any of the games so yeah..

          • As someone living outside of Sydney, I’m sick of hearing “Bring it to Sydney” every time something is announced like Sydney is some entertainment starved minor city. Sydney is one of the three biggest entertainment hubs of Australia, but if you talk to people there, they just want to have everything because it’s Sydney.

            Anyone in games media knows that everything, all the PR companies, the developers, the media events and all that other stuff…. It’s in Sydney! So unless you live in Sydney, you’re not going to be a overly welcome part of the Australian gaming scene.

          • oh god forbid that people in Sydney want things to. shit you’d almost think they were human or something… also as far as actual proper video game conventions and not super niche things Sydney has shit. I mean theres RTX if your into a bunch of screaming kids trying to touch youtubers.

          • Here, let me pull a you.

            “This is everything in NSW. People need to stop bitching. yall get plenty of shit learn to google.”

            RTX Sydney: February 3-4, International Convention Centre
            Walker Stalker Con Sydney: February 3-4, The Dome at Sydney Showgrounds
            EYECON Sydney March 29-April 3, St Scholastica’s College, Glebe
            OzuteriaCon Sydney: April 14, Rendezvous Hotel Sydney Central
            Sydney Brick Show: April 21-22, Penrith Panthers Pavilion
            Central Coast Comic Con: May 5, Gosford Showground
            Comic Gong: May 19, Wollongong City Library
            Supanova Sydney: June 15-17, Sydney Showground, Olympic Park
            Oz Comic-Con Sydney: September 29-30, International Convention Centre
            Sydcon Roleplaying & Gaming Convention Sydney: Date and location TBC

    • Nobody likes Sydney though, it has too many Opera houses, too much water and a severe lack of hook turns.

    • Sydney has nothing. Oh, boo freaking hoo. A fat chance anything’ll ever come to Perth or Darwin, or Hobart, or Adelade, but yet. Sydney. They can’t not have something.

      • This is everything not in NSW or Victoria. People need to stop bitching. yall get plenty of shit learn to google.

        GenghisCon Perth: January 19-20, Trinity Residential College of UWA
        Madman Anime Festival Perth: March 3-4, Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre
        Swancon Perth: March 29-April 2, Pan Pacific Perth
        AICon Tasmania: April 6-8, Wrest Point Convention Centre
        CapriCon 2018: April 7, Rockhampton Regional Libraries
        Evolve Perth: April 14, Claremont Showground
        Supanova Gold Coast: April 27-29, Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre
        BrisCon: April 28-29, Brisbane Table Tennis Centre
        Adelaide Press Play by Oz Comic Con (18+): May 10, The Gov, Hindmarsh
        Perth Press Play by Oz Comic Con (18+): May 12, The Badlands
        Madman Anime Festival Brisbane: June 2-3, Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre
        MagnetiCon Townsville: June 2-3, Townsville RSL Stadium
        Supanova Perth: June 22-24, Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre
        AVCon Adelaide: July 20-22, Adelaide Convention Centre
        Oz Comic-Con Brisbane: September 22-23, Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre
        Supanova Adelaide: November 2-4, Adelaide Showground
        Supanova Brisbane: November 9-11, Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

  • FWIW Guy has sort to put aside any fears of a price increase or PAX losing it’s PAXness with a gif saying “don’t stress dawg” so there is that.

  • i honestly hope this just means an eb logo up over a booth here or there. I want to go to PAX not SELL YOUR SOUL TO DEVIL!!! #cough # cough… sorry i mean EB expo…

  • from the PAX AUS page

    Now throw in PAX Aus playing host to EB Expo, including a dedicated area for the largest publishers in the world to showcase their upcoming titles, developer presentations in the EB Expo Live Theatre, and Australia’s biggest pop-up EB Games store.

    Gross… just what we need half the convention hall taken up with a shitty EB Games popup store like they do @ EB Expo… this is sounding worse and worse.

  • It seems like a clear symbiotic deal to me. EB gains huge amounts of exposure and PAX spare themselves having to set up the videogames expo side of the event, which must be the most expensive and difficult section of the whole shebang to organise for an overseas-traveling convention.

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