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Things are going to be a little bit different at this year's PAX Australia. The convention will play host to EB Expo like some sort of convention babushka dolls or maybe it's more like Voltron.

Either way the two conventions are teaming up.


After spending the last few years in Sydney, this year's EB Games Expo will herald the event's return to Australia's warmer, northern parts. Scheduled for October 7-8, the expo will set up shop in the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre, with tickets going on sale in March.


The night before EB Expo kicks off proper, media are given a chance to mill around at a few of the booths to check out games beforehand. There isn't full access to the venue, with most of it locked down due to "still being under construction". But there was a chance to check out the Nintendo and PlayStation booths, where I finally got to check out a few things in the flesh.


In today's gaming world, most people either are cosplayers, know a cosplayer or follow one on social media. It seems EB Expo has cottoned on to this fact, and they're getting in on the trend. Kinda.

They're not inviting cosplay guests, or offering their high-stakes cosplay comp again. This year, they're adding a cosplay repair station and cloak room -- and charging cosplayers $300 to actually use them.


If you're making the trip out to Olympic Park today or tomorrow for EB Expo, then you're probably prepared to see a lot of costumes, games, merchandise and terrible food. So to help make the most out of your Expo Experience, here's five tips from the show floor.


The EB Expo is back this year, returning once more to the Sydney Showgrounds and tickets are now on sale for the event that takes place between 3 October and 5 October.


I, like most of you reading, grew up with video games. We all have those memories. Those weird, twisted, distorted memories of video games: the consoles we played, the games we played. They're part of our history. At EB Expo they have a really nifty Retro section. It's small, but it's pretty great.


This year's EB EXPO is shaping up to be a pretty definitive event. I love the idea. EB already attracts developers to Australia for its own vendor show, so it makes perfect sense to go the extra mile and create a consumer event. It's good for the developers, good for retail, and it's awesome for consumers. Jolly good show. Now EB has put together a preview video explaining the event itself, and precisely what you'll be able to see if you attend.