You Can Buy A $500 EB Expo Ultimate Gamer Pass For PAX Australia

You Can Buy A $500 EB Expo Ultimate Gamer Pass For PAX Australia

Earlier this year we announced that EB Expo and PAX Australia would be combining forces, with EB Expo having a dedicated area within the annual convention. And now a day out, people can get a sense of what the EB Expo area will entail.

In an email to users, EB Expo announced that the Ultimate Gamer Ticket would go on sale for PAX Australia from tomorrow. Priced at $499, the ticket would come with an exclusive lounge, function, free locker access and an “exclusive Ultimate Gamer program” the day before PAX Australia officially opens on October 25.

The partnership between EB Games and PAX means that there will be a dedicated EB Expo area for publishers at this year’s convention, which is understood will be part of the traditional expo area alongside the board gaming and freeplay section.

PAX Australia And EB Expo Team Up

Things are going to be a little bit different at this year's PAX Australia. The convention will play host to EB Expo like some sort of convention babushka dolls or maybe it's more like Voltron. Either way the two conventions are teaming up.

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The full banner is below:

PAX Australia has typically been an all-areas access kind of convention, with few venues restricted to the public unless you’re an exhibitor, member of the press, or PAX staff. This year would be a change in that regard, although it’s commensurate with the change in pricing: a 3 day PAX pass cost only $165 last year, just over three times less than what the Ultimate Gamer Pass is going for.

More details are yet to be announced, and we’ll keep you posted when they are. In the interim, now is as good a time as any to enjoy a classic EB Expo tribute from YouTuber Cosmic Rebel.

Update (4:25 PM): Updated the headline to clarify that the passes are not being sold by PAX Australia or PAX Australia’s operator, but through EB Games. The Ultimate Gamer Pass comes with a 3 day pass for PAX Australia, although it is understood that the “Ultimate Gamer Program” the day before the show will be held offsite.


  • One of the perks is having early access to go and spend MORE MONEY at the EB store. Jeezus. Not even ‘a bit’ subtle.

    For $500, I’d want Mark Serrels to return from the dead to feed me fairy bread and Tim-Tams on a golden platter while quietly humming songs from The Corrs as I recline on a king size sofa bed in my “private chill-out lounge”.

  • Seems the biggest (or only) real selling point on here is the “exclusive Ultimate Gamer program” but it still seems a bit absurd to sell an extra day for around $250 (assuming the usual $150ish for three-day pass) without any mention of what that extra day actually includes…

    • Would like to assume the extra day is access to all the game booths without the massive crowd. Though I bet its just being allowed to watch people set up the booths..

      • According to the update in this article it’s offsite, which actually makes me even more curious. Early access to the floor wouldn’t help much anyway, I was setting up a booth on the Thursday morning last year and by the time I left (around midday IIRC) most of the bigger booths still had a looooot of work to do.

        • Seeing as ebexpo was originally started as a closed industry event between ebgames, its managers and publishers my assumption would be that this would be the usual “press/industry only” early day walkthrough/presentation ebgames always does on the thursday before expo opens.

  • what i actually find funny with this, is the fact is your paying extra…. to spend more money in the ‘Mega Store’?? thats right up there with paying an entrance fee to go drinking at a pub

  • It’s good that they have an option for rich gamers. People can spend thousands on kickstarter, $500 for a ticket is nothing.

  • “offsite” would seem to suggest the usual early access is off the table (one of last years few redeeming qualities), which leaves us most likely with either last years lunch event or the traditional dinner event, hard to make plans when u dont know whats what.

    Either way, i was reading a couple days ago theres 0 release dates confirmed post-expo this year atm, so early access might be pointless anyway.

  • Update (4:25 PM): Fixed the details on the article we could have done before lunch, except, y’know, it’s chicken tendies day in the cafeteria!!! Also PAX Aus drama REEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

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