Our Favourite Cosplay From PAX Australia 2019

PAX Australia is the biggest gaming convention on the local calendar, but it's also one of the biggest cosplay events in the country too.

Apart from all the fans who made the trip to Melbourne to enjoy Cyberpunk, the cosplay crews were out in force. Jim A. Barker from Twelve Points Photography made the trip as well, shooting a string of cracking local creators.

For more photography and shots cosplay or otherwise from Barker, follow him on Instagram or through his official page. I've credited as many of the cosplayers below, but if you are or know some of the others in the photos below, get in touch via the comments, email or Twitter and I'll update all the captions. And if there's some extra cosplay from PAX Australia not featured below that you think deserves a shoutout, let me know!

Cosplayer: Jessica Cutri
Cosplayer: @emjainecosplay
Cosplayer: @emjainecosplay
Cosplayers: @leislarpcrafts, @TTcostuming, @aussiekrispy
Cosplayer: @osris.vii
Cosplayer: @Proptura
Cosplayer: Ashley Sumner
Cosplayer: CC.Viper
Cosplayer: Prod1gy_Y

All images: Jim A. Barker / Twelve Points Photography


    That Bob Ross cosplay is fire.

      Toothless for the win. Whoever did that deserves the biggest of hugs

        And all of the Panadeine for the sore back afterwards. I saw a mob of people taking photos of the cosplayer for what seemed like 15 minutes straight.

    I’m the Huntress from Dead by Daylight here, thanks so much for the pic! ????

    I know it's asking a lot but could the photos also add a caption with the character name. I don't recognise a lot of these costumes.

    That Toothless cosplay is so awesome, I loved all three film.

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