The New Super-Slim PS3 Looks Great Compared To All Our Other Modern Consoles

We got one of the new 250 GB super-slim PlayStation 3s from Sony today and did what any rational person would do with it: we took it to the roof our New York City headquarters to compare it to all of the other consoles of this generation.

Plus: We tried out its new disc tray!

And: We compared the George-Foreman-Grillnesss of all three versions of the PS3.

This new, redesigned 250GB model costs $US270 and is bundled with a copy of Uncharted 3 and vouchers for digital downloadable content. A 500GB model sporting the same new design will come out on October 30, bundled with Assassin's Creed III. That one will cost $US300.

The redesign brings the PS3 down to a nice size, but moving the disc tray to the side will make a vertical orientation less viable for some people — you'll need to keep space clear on the left.

As you can see in the video, the new PS3 is far more svelte that most of the other boxes we've had this generation. The Wii tilted back on its stand (not pictured in the video) still presents my favourite console look of the generation; without it, the trim new PS3 is, to my eye, the stylish winner.


    I've been surprised by the amount of butthurt from people saying they don't like the new model and won't be buying it - as in, they won't be getting rid of their old PS3 to buy this one.

    I really don't understand why people do this. Unless you need to replace a broken unit or actually have need for a second unit WHY ARE YOU BUYING A NEW ONE? Do people genuinely buy a slim PS3 to replace a perfectly functional unit? I can kind of understand why people might buy a limited edition version (like a Star Wars themed Xbox or a Final Fantasy branded PS3) if they're a big fan, but are there that many people out there who upgrade to a new unit just because it's smaller and happens to be the latest SKU, while not really being functionally different?

      Yeah I agree. The only people I know who actually ended up buying a second one were the ones who's consoles broke (eg RROD).

      Currently my PS3's Blu-Ray reader is sharting itself and in need of repair. So I am tossing up between fixing mine and shelling out for a new one.

      But like I mention below... not too keen on the new tray.

        If you need a new ps3 then get the new slim, but I bought the mk2 slim (2nd gen? whatever...), and its perfectly fine. I personally don't like the spring loaded tray. I love the tray feed. But however, I can see the benefit of NOT having rollers load your disc as well.

        Its horses for courses really. Down to personal choice.

      Whilst I think the new machine is a bit ugly, it means basically nothing to me - like you said, I already have a PS3. That said, if they released a flat topped model, which I could stack in my entertainment unit, I could be convinced to buy a new one.

        Yeah, I would also like to see a console that looks basically like a DVD player etc. Something which will just fit nicely alongside the other AV equipment in the entertainment unit.

        I suspect partly the reason they don't go down that route is to make sure people DON'T stack their console in amongst their DVD player, amplifier, etc. It probably needs to be on it's own to allow sufficient airflow around it to keep the temperature under control.

      These are the same people who complain about the high cost of PC gaming.

        LOL, I still have my white xbox and it has about 3 months to red ring on me otherwise I'm stuck with it for the remainder of this generation.!

      I'm glad Sony came out with this top loading console. I had 2 PS3s that broke down on me. One of them was a 60GB (Blu-Ray lens died) and the other one a 120GB slim (decided not to accept disks anymore and then go on an infinite update loop). Thanks to gamestop's current double trade in on consoles, I acquired one for $10 after trading both broken systems for $260. I decided not to fix the consoles in fear the same problems would arise at a later date with replacement consoles. I'm pretty confident Sony made this console to address the issues plaguing previous systems. The Blu-Ray lens looks flawless, it will accept disks no matter what, and they won't get stuck! The tray feels nice and springs out pretty sweetly. Also for all y'all complaining about the tray I'm sure Sony has done extensive testing on opening and closing it for like tens of thousands of times so...

    Wow that fatty looks monstrous. Never realised just how different the slim and super-slim were.

    But I'm not really sold on the new tray... I can see problems with that springing up pretty quickly.

    That disc load tray...
    Reminds me of the PS1.

    Wonder how long until we see the old 'disc swap' trick from the PS1 days?

    Who stands their console upwards? You can actually get in trouble for that when it breaks.

      Really? Why would they go to the effort of making the PlayStation logo spin-able so it looks correct when vertical then? I call lies.

    Wow Wii must be the best console then!

    at least peoples disc wont get stuck in the tray anymore

    Disc tray Idea is silly, the whole point of standing a console up is if you don't have that much room on your entertainment unit.

    "The New Super-Slim PS3 Looks Great Compared To All Our Other Modern Consoles"
    "Modern Consoles"


      Whilst the technology is 6-7 years old - something 'Modern' is of present and/or recent time.

      'Modern European history' for example is simply the period following the Middle Ages.

    Good lordy I want a Toblerone

    What sort of media area caters for vertical consoles? All of mine are horizontal... like a normal person. Hey, let's make this super thin new PS3 model only usable vertically because if you slide it into an out of the way draw area it's ridiculous hard to take discs in and out because the disc tray doesn't come to the front. Fucking stupid.

    Pop tops are what happens to consoles when they go to die in the bargain bin. They're no longer a part of an adult entertainment system, they're a childrens toy.

    As soon as you can't put it in your entertainment unit anymore, and it either has to sit on top or be pulled out on the carpet to be used, it's a toy.

    The super slim is way too expensive, especially for what sony it trying to do.

    what a pointless waste of money from sony when new consoles are just on the horizon.

    absolutely pointless.

    I would say its some abstract notion of taking some of the light off the Wii U release. Kind of like how something happens in wow every time another mmo comes out to make you want to stay. Last year it was tyreal's charger lol

    I may get it but I think the top loader will break easy also do you void the warranty of the ps3 if u replace the default like the 12gb one

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