The Tiniest Mobile Game Controller Will Help You Find Your Keys

Creating convenient game controllers for mobile phones and tablets is a big thing. Black Powder Media's iMpulse is a tiny thing. The keychain game controller / key locator is looking to Kickstarter as a sort of early release program.

The iMpulse is a Bluetooth controller with four buttons and a control pad, which should be enough to control any iOS or Android game that will support it. It's ambidextrous, which is a plus, and when it's attached to your keychain it can sound off via an app on your phone, letting you know which couch cushion your car keys have disappeared beneath this time. You can even use two at a time, making multiplayer mobile much more feasible.

Having garnered enough attention to completely sell out of pre-orders on its website, Black Powder turns to Kickstarter to make things move faster. They need to reach some 4000 orders to break even with manufacturing costs, so they're looking for $US49,999 to make it happen. The iMpulse is coming out, Kickstarter success or no — this would just mean it comes out faster.

Not that Kickstarter success is that far off. With 40 days to go the campaign has already generated $US30,000. With a $US25 pledge securing one of the units (which will retail for at least $US40), if you're interested in the tiny controller then you should probably go ahead and show it.

iMpulse [Kickstarter]


    Well, $30 + $15 delivery is the minimum now... can't see them selling too many units for $50 plus if they ever reach retail in Australia. And will developers be open to putting the effort in so as to let this sort of device control their games?

    Hmmm. The finger movements seem to be a little off from the on screen movement.

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