The World's Saddest Cosplay Is A Real Downer

If you've ever been to Hollywood, you've seen them: the low-rent "cosplayers" wandering around the Walk of Fame, stopping constantly for photos with those not put off by their often shabby outfits.

These types are the focus of a collection by LA photographer Nicholas Silberfaden, who wanted to use them as a way to highlight the social and economic slide he feels the country is experiencing at the moment.

Sure beats pictures of closed factories.

Impersonators [Nicholas Silberfaden, via Fashionably Geek]


    holy kittens that catwoman is skinny

    What in the fu*k. Why are they all crying? What is this? WHAT IS THIS!!

      Yeah it's not really explained in the article.

    Zomg this is so much better then Japanese cosplay. I like the Rambo the best.

    Their depression is so obvious and consistent that it's clearly the photographer's instruction. Takes away from it I reckon. I think these would have been sad enough without it being rubbed in our faces.

      Hey you're spot on there McGarnical though I think the Indy and Superman shots really stand on their own when viewed outside of the photographers intention
      For this project though, Rambo definitely is the best.

        Yeah the Indy one is probably the best

          I have to agree, the superman is definitely the best

            I'm reading you guys loud and clear - Optimus Prime is the best one there.


    Smack crisis on Infinite earths. Covers of issues #1-9.

    That Marilyn one is surprisingly accurate.

    Also, Supergirl doesn't look sad. Probably because she has a great rack.

      Does Optimus look like he's missing half a head to you????

    obvious troll is obvious, but they were forced into a marathon plunkett/ashcraft reading of blogs session?

    John Belushi as BATMAN. Ltd edition figurine with secret 'bat' cocaine compartment. Comes with Alfred Pennyworth silver straw and Nightwing mirror.

    Hahahaha! That really is awesome! :)

    Surprisingly a very, very effective photoshoot and fascinating pictures. Actually made me think of the people behind the costumes and who they could be... bravo to the artist.

    Fatman! Or is it just The Dark Knight Returns Batman?

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