This Gorgeous Wooden PC Makes Me More Jealous Than Zen Things Should

This PC case mod is a few years old, but that doesn't make it any less gorgeous. It's been easy for me to miss, because I speak approximately 10 total words of German, and two of them are extraordinarily impolite.

This PC, called Project Zen, was designed to emulate classic and subtle Japanese styles. If Google Translate and my banging about with a dictionary are accurate, the frame was made entirely of wood and rice paper. Even the internal motherboard mount and so on are wood, although the water cooling system is, wisely, made from Plexiglas instead. There's even a DVD drive hidden in there somewhere, covered up in rice paper but fully functional, and hidden is the operative word.

Its parts are now a few years old, and not terribly impressive, but the making-of gallery is, and speaks for itself in any language. Scroll down for a few more detail shots showing off how much painstaking, thoughtful work went into this beauty, or do like me and head over to the source to spend some time daydreaming about how nice it would be to have a PC case that pretty, if only the cat could be trusted not to destroy paper.

Project Zen []


    Am I the only one who thinks this looks like a bone ash box?

    Good god, an *almost* tasteful desktop PC case... I didn't think humanity was capable of such a feat.

    -throws money at the makers- I want this so badly it hurts. It is the prettiest thing I've ever seen.

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