This New God Of War Trailer Features One Of Three Things

You sort of know what to expect with a God of War trailer: blood, an epic sense of scale, and maybe a rogue nipple here and there. This new trailer for God of War: Ascension? It actually only features one of those three things.

As God of War trailers go, I'm a little disappointed. I suppose the purpose of this is to debut the new enemies — the Furies — but the design doesn't seem that startling. Hopefully this is just a taste. I'd like to see something more concrete and innovative from Ascension, or maybe more of multiplayer, which appears to be this game's point of difference.

Either way — would love to see a little less fluff from the next trailer!


    Spider-backed shemales in centurion helmets and a one-piece. Whatever they're smoking - *I want some*

    This ^

    Hoping for a "This isn't my final form" moment.

    Didn't they announce something about no violence against females in future God of War games? I'll be curious to see how they keep that particular promise with these Furies involved.

    I think it's time to shake up this series somehow. Drop Kratos as a main character and make him a villain or something. Anything.

    please be nipples please be nipples please be nipples
    *click play*
    Ah crap!

    The only reason you didn't like it was because it didn't end in a roar

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