Xbox Live Now Offering Rewards Worth Cents

Are you an Xbox Live Gold subscriber with a Gamerscore of more than 3000 but not more than 10,000? Well, good news for you! You'll now get a "Special Gift*" during your birthday month!

* Actual value of gift is not more than 25 cents.

If you have a Gamerscore over 10,000, you get a one per cent rebate on your Xbox Live Marketplace purchases, and at 25,000 or better, you get two per cent cash funny money back.

It's all part of Xbox Live's New MyAchievements program, which sounds to me like another way to make sure you have an odd and unspendable amount of Microsoft points in your account. Xbox Live revealed the new "rewards" scheme yesterday. Say you buy a game valued at $US20, real money. Boom! That's 16 Microsoft points** for you at the end of the month!

**Actual value of 16 Microsoft points: Who the hell knows?

What can you buy with that? Hell if I know. They set a rebate limit of 30,000 Microsoft Points each month, too. So if you have a 25,000 Gamerscore and you plan to buy more than $US18,750*** worth of DLC between now and June 30, 2013, sucks to be you. On the other hand, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 is coming out in March.

***You have no idea how hard I worked on that joke. I hate maths.

So, are you ready to go boost yourself up to 25,000 Gamerscore and collect that extra 1 per cent cashback on your Xbox Live Discover card? Good! This person has some tips for you on how to do that.

MyAchievements [Xbox Live]


    wow so generous


    I got 160 reward points this month - but all I could afford was virtual pants for my virtual avatar...

      Well...I guess you have pants to wear, at least (virtually).

    lol, what does microsoft honestly expect from gamers with this announcement? Its not even enough of an incentive to move to getting a 360, let alone make current live users cry out with excitement.

      You honestly think this move was designed to get people to buy 360s?

    Owen, I appreciated the work put into that joke. Bravo, I chuckled. But I'm not going to check your numbers anyway so...

    How many points do they charge to change a text gamer name these days? Should we tell them its free everywhere else to type a name? Or leave them wondering why everyone laughs at people silly enough to pay them for services that are free on all other platform.

      Just so your uninformed spray isn't the final word on the matter, while at first glance it ludicrous to charge for a GamerTag change, the reason the policy is there is for accountability. MS wants you to be able to recognize games on the service, by the gamertag. Enabling dimwits on the service to change their gamertag interferes with this, hence the charge.

        I moved my account on my 360 to Xbox Live and it gave me some shitty random name that I believe I have to pay to change.

          You get one free rename token with that random name.

            the random name i got was putrid mold or some shit like that

    Just reached 10k gamer points last week. I'll be getting $3-4 back?! Hooray!

    1 MSP = $0.0165

    Can anyone confirm this applies to regions outside of the US?

    As much as I enjoy my Xbox the money I pay for live versus what I get in return is staggeringly shit, just got Playstation plus and got a bunch of shit for free, some games I want, some not, but still that's worlds beyond microsofts offering?
    Any other dual-owners opinions?

      I have Live and Plus, and definitely feel like I'm getting a hell of a lot more from my Plus membership than Live.
      When I think about it, this year there's been a few brand new downloadable titles that PS Plus users have got for free, right from the day of release. I don't know about others, but I'd much rather pay for a service where I get new release titles free from day one, over a service where someday, somewhere, I'll get 2% back from paying full price.

      Yeah it speaks volumes that i have both and keep them up to date, and i still play cod and battlefield on psn nowadays

      I never got live for my xbox, but getting psn seems better bang for your buck.

      I got the 2 months for $2 gold sub and cancelled at the end. Doubt I'll renew. Had the PS+ since it was given the month for free and I'll definitely be renewing.

      Paying so I can play multiplayer and have the privilege to pay for other services never really enticed me. Getting a few cents back here an there isn't exactly making me regret cancelling.

    That deal sure isn't going to entice me to renew Gold.

    This is truly pathetic.

    I mean, you'd have to be so bad at basic maths to be enticed by this.

    I stopped renewing Gold a few months back, and won't buying it again.

    Online sucks for aussies anyway. Sick of being matched up with Americans.

    Obviously it's not a huge reward or anything, but I don't see why there's so much negativity about it. I already have Xbox Live Gold and plenty of gamerscore, and now I get a tiny reward for the fun times I've had. I don't get Xbox Live to receive these rewards, I get it to play online with my mates.

    I get achievements for the fun and challenge of it, and so getting a small reward is a nice bonus, nothing to complain about.

    lol, what is the point?
    A little reward.. if that's their idea of getting back at PS+ then that's a piss poor effort and quite laughable

    I can pay for PS Plus and get Infamous 2, Dead Space 2, Saints Row 2, Just Cause 2, LittleBigPlanet 2 and Oddworld Strangers Wrath gor free no charge.
    Plus I canalso get games with a price cut of over 50% plus early access to betas and demos before XBoxLive. Not to mentionDust 514 is in Beta and is Free to Play.

    I got rid of my Xbox last year when Live was allways placing me with americans, even when im with aussies My connection is still not great.
    Then there is the problem with how many people are cheating on Cbox Live.

    This stupid stunt Xbox is pulling of is low and will not make Xbox users happy, especially when they know Sony earn less for there Online Service but canstill manage to hand out free products.

    I cannot remember the last time Microsoft gave anyone a reason to continue there Live Subscription.

    they are just mocking everyone.
    xb live is def a fucking rip off no questions about it

    Well... Considering PS plus is what.. Like $60 and get 10 free games now, and over 45 after a year... yeah.. 2% is generous.

    Literally the only reason I pay for XBL ever is when i'm playing Halo with my friends. Last time I paid for it was a few months after Reach dropped and I whored it and then got over it. Haven't touched it since.
    I'll renew it for a month or two for Halo 4 and then my 360 will go back to being a dust magnet.
    PS+ on the other hand, I check if anything is new like every second day. Getting free Starhawk campaign and free DLC was nice to wake up to.
    2% is literally a joke. Tsk tsk..

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