Apple Pulls Most Recent IPhone Game About Foxconn From App Store In Less Than An Hour

Apple Pulls Most Recent IPhone Game About Foxconn From App Store In Less Than An Hour
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Surprising more or less exactly nobody, In a Permanent Save State, a serious game based around the suicides of Foxconn employees in 2010, was pulled from Apple’s App Store shortly after its listing.

The game became available on iTunes on Friday morning and, according to according to The Verge, got yanked within an hour. Even artist and designer Benjamin Poynter had suspected his game would not last long on Apple’s platform, the Verge reports.

Poynter cited Molleindustria’s Phone Story, which was also banned from the App Store, as an influence on his project. Though neither Apple nor Poynter have publicly discussed the reasons given for the ban, the most likely are probably rules banning “objectionable content” and content that “solely target[s] a specific race, culture, a real government or corporation, or any other real entity.”

Meanwhile, Poynter plans, like Molleindustria before him, to re-release the game for Android devices, in November.

Apple removes iPhone game based on Foxconn suicides from App Store [The Verge]

In a Permanent Save State [Benjamin Poynter]


  • One thing I hate about these distribution systems is that everything has to be PG13 and anything that may offend anyone gets the can in some sort of over protective bubble system.

  • I always did want a game that makes you put together successful circuit boards. When you think the board is completed, you then test it and it will let you know what is wrong but not what to put in to help you complete the board. I always thought that this would be great because it would be able to teach the basics in circuit board building/designing maybe. Would that be banned by Apple?

    • Can I make a small suggestion? While you stop the production line to find the right component to put in, a very angry Asian man screams profanity at you and reduces total points depending on how long it took you.

  • Sure they get rid of this quickly but it takes them days to take down paid apps that don’t actually work (like that fake Pokemon one).

  • unless we go all star trek and have no need of money and everyone is well provided for under Maslows hierarchy of needs, as long as we crave new shiny devices at (mostly affordable prices) economics dictate they will be looking for cheap labor from someone from somewhere.
    If the same device is made in places with labor laws, minimum wage laws etc be prepared for costs to double (conservatively)

    So things will cost considerably more, but be produced in first world countries meaning more local economic growth, inflation would adjust to this but product cost would not, developing countries would need to find other sources of income however.

    basing the “worth” individual territories of currency is tied into the very concept of trade and economic speculation.

    Doing away with this only works on an isolationist level if a country nationalizes all assets and produces everything it needs without relying on imports or exports. That way they manage their own local currency at whatever level they dictate.
    But letting go of imported Chilean grapes, Korean tvs, Japanese cars isnt something us rabid consumers are going to do anytime soon.

    I didn’t get the feeling the 99% had a better workable solution to this

  • So wrong. Its about greed. They could manufacture in the usa or japan and make profits. They just want bigger profits is why they use unskilled labour in china or india.

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