Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation May Liberate You From Your Cynicism

Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation May Liberate You From Your Cynicism

With the release of the next ‘proper’ Assassin’s Creed III on consoles, it’s quite tempting to push Liberation, on the PS Vita, to the side. But this new game footage makes a pretty solid argument for its existence.

To begin with, I love the idea of delving into the history of slavery in the US, and I love the idea of playing as a female Assassin. It’s also worth noting that Ubisoft has rarely put a step wrong with Assassin’s Creed. I actually loved the Assassin’s Creed II spin off games, and while there’s no way Liberation can possibly achieve the same scope as Assassin’s Creed III, I still like the idea of a focused story in a similar time period and universe.


  • Seems to me that it’s trying to liberate me of about $400… damned platform-exclusive titles. I love the AC series, but I just can’t justify the price of a Vita just for a couple of games. Besides, I don’t regularly encounter a situation I’d spend on mobile gaming, so I doubt I’d play it much, anyway… A game like this makes me want to ignore the rational part of my brain and just get it regardless…
    Edit: Dammit, there’s a Vita bundle for this game coming out on the 30th. Alas, poor savings, I hardly knew ye…
    Edit2: Looks like the bundle’s not being released here… anyone know if this is true? My inference is based on a distinct lack of any information on an AU release…

  • Why does Vita gameplay footage always seem to be shown surrounded by a piece of Vita hardware? Is there some reason we can’t have full-screen footage of that? When they show PS3 footage they don’t seem to feel the need to show a Bravia TV around the edges of it.

    • The same is true with the 3DS, isn’t it?

      oggob’s got it right: no confusion about platform, free advertising of the handheld and finally to obfuscate the true quality of the game. Visuals do look “cleaner” when you see the game framed in handheld.

      Beyond all that, I am looking forwarde to both AC3 and Liberation. I generally like the whole AC series. ACII is by far the best. One of the best sequels of all time in my opinion.

  • I think there are a few reasons to do it… first of all to make sure there that the footage can’t be mistaken for another platform and so that creates brand awareness for the Vita also.

    Secondly, depending on the developer/publisher and what the games resolution is, it can help provide a better visualisation of what the game will actually look like running on the Vita, or ‘hide’ jaggies, etc.

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