Black Ops II Will Be Less Gross In Japan

Whenever Call of Duty games are released in Japan, they always seem to get in-game violence edited or censored somehow. Call of Duty: Black Ops II is no exception.

Today, Square Enix explained the edits: "The heads and limbs of soldiers under attack by heavy weapons on the battlefield are amended." So probably toned down violence — you won't be able to blow off body parts, I guess.

Square Enix pointed out that the action will be the same and that this alteration doesn't apply to the zombies in zombie mode. So shoot their heads off all you want.

コール オブ デューティ ブラックオプスII 「海外版との仕様の違いについて」 [Square Enix]


    Oddly, I don't normally associate Japan with censorship

      They censor a lot of things. The adult entertainment industry for example is required to pixelate the 'fun' bits.

    japan is an.... interesting anomaly i guess you could say when it comes to censorship

    so kill bill was specifically uncensored exclusively for the Japanese audience but CoD is specifically censored for the Japanese audience.... for the same reasons

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