Capcom Says They've Made 75 Resident Evil 'Titles'. Seventy. Five.

There sure have been a lot of Resident Evil games, right? The above chart was posted by Capcom back in June. I just noticed it on their corporate website today and... wow... I knew they'd made more Resident Evils than the name Resident Evil 6 implies, but not this many!

Surely, Capcom's count of "titles" includes spin-offs, different console versions and god knows what else. (Sales are listed in the millions.)

After all, they're counting 74 Street Fighter games!

There have been only 15 Devil May Cry games? Pathetic.

Dead Rising? There have barely been any of those!

And then there's Mega Man. It's no wonder Capcom keeps cancelling Mega Man games these days. They must feel they've made too many.

And... that's the whole chart. Capcom made it to show off their biggest and best series. No offence intended to Bionic Commando, Strider or that game with the white wolf in it.

Total Sales Unit Data [Capcom investor relations]


    They must be counting the same game on different platforms as different titles.

    For example, 1 game on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 count as 3 titles.

    Hmmm, maybe Capcom don't know how a decimal number system works?

    Its a bit much isnt it? On a related note, I picked up RE remake on gamecube have times changed!

      Does the remake hold up at all? I've been thinking about going back to RE1...

        It does! still looks, sounds, & plays great

    "(Sales are listed in the millions.)"
    I don't think so....
    50,000 X 1,000,000 _ 50,000,000,000 or 50 BILLION
    So EVERYONE on the entire planet has abought about 6 RE games?

      Brutal Legend sold 2.5mil and it was a single game that didn't do particularly well. Think how many a franchise with a billion spinoffs and remakes would do. It's plausible.

        Wait. No it isn't.

      Sales are in thousands aren't they

      Site:(Unit : 000 copies)

      Actually sales are listed in 1,000s (from the Capcom website), so the Resident Evil franchise has sold around 50 million copies.

    I'd love a Breath of Fire compilation that was one of my favourite RPG's.

      Yes! Heck, I'd even settle for a new entry in the old universe. (ie. Not a sequel to Dragon Quarter/BOF 5. It wasn't bad, it just wasn't BOF)

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