Check Out The Game Slowing Down The Speed Of Light

Look, I was pretty good at Physics and high school, but it can be difficult to visualise and understand concepts that are, in a sense, completely abstract ideas. Take the speed of light, and the idea of relativity, for example. How can we truly comprehend it? Well this video game, A Slower Speed of Light, has an idea. What happens if you slow down the speed of light to walking pace? What happens then? Your head explodes. That's what happens.

A Slower Speed of Light has been built by the folks at the MIT Game Lab and you can download it now. It's an incredible little game that attempts to visually replicate the effects of relativity at a pace our slow, human brains can comprehend: effects such as time dilation (differences in the perceived passage of time) and the runtime effect (seeing objects in the past as a result of the time light takes to travel from one point to another).

My knowledge of this sort of thing is completely elementary, but I find it quite fascinating. Head here for more information.

Thanks Ben!


    anyone else get a sudden urge to drop some acid??

    Nice! Will check it out.

    I just played this whilst listening to the album 'In Limbo' by the band Teen. The two synch up like Pink Floyd and the Wizard of OZ :)

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