ChrisWarcraft's Weekly NFL Quest, Level Six: Dethrone The Dwarven Tree-Cutter Of The Capitol City

Football is a role-playing game. That's how Chris Kluwe, the Minnesota Vikings punter and noted World of Warcraft and RPG fan, is approaching it. Each week in the NFL, ChrisWarcraft characterises his upcoming game in terms of an MMO quest. We're going to chart his progress and see how fast he levels up.

At four quests complete versus one failed, ChrisWarcraft is on an early path to unlocking a major game extension come January. Today his Northwoods Clan is fighting on another server, however. Here's what he's up against.

This week's quest:

For those who don't do irony, he's making fun of a couple of things here, one of them being the long-standing apology that the Washington helmet logo is actually a respectful depiction of a proud people, even if the team's nickname is a racial slur.

Last week:

Result: QUEST COMPLETE (Minnesota 30, Tennessee 7. Kluwe: 3 punts, average 46 yards, long of 52, one inside the 20.)

ChrisWarcraft has completed four quests and failed one so far.


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