Chun-Li Is Covered Up, But Clark Kent Isn't

San Fransisco based artist Kevin Wada does a delightful take on Pokémon in his piece. Initially, I was only going to post this image.

Then, whaddaya know, I lost an hour of my life as I went down the rabbit hole that is his wonderful Tumblr.

So here is more of Wada's work! His work that is absolutely wonderful, and I especially adore the one of Clark Kent and Lois Lane hitting the beach. Check out those tan lines!

Do swing by Wada's Tumblr (link below).

Kevin Wada [Tumblr]

Kevin Wada [Official Site]



    the way he mixes detail with swaths of almost featureless colour is really effective. so it's been a while since art class - is all the colour work watercolour or is he mixing it up?

    But....Clark Kent doesn't get sunburn!

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