College Poster Banned For Featuring NES Zapper

According to a report from the College's newspaper, Saint Mary's University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, has refused permission from students to put up a poster on campus because it featured a gun. A fake, plastic, video game gun from the 1980s.

Designed to advertise a "game-themed social night", the students were forced to remove the depiction of the totally harmless NES Zapper peripheral, deciding to replace it with a Nintendo Power Glove instead.

Of note is that while the children's toy was forcibly removed, the image of a pint of beer could stay.

Gun Image Not Welcome on Campus Poster [The Journal, via Forbes]


    This is the poster from another person in the comments section under the article. I ASSUME THAT THIS IS NOT the actual poster and is just Luke cutting and pasting.

    They are probably worried about the safety of all the laughing dogs on campus

    As ridiculous as this may sound, I'm sure American colleges are a little sensitive to the issue of guns on campus with all the shootings that seem to happen there.

      if they're so sensitive to the issue of guns on campus, then maybe they should stop letting every single person have one

        Also, isn't Nova Scotia in Canada?

    Why are the Canadians getting their knickers in a twist over a toy gun. True, their southern neighbours show a complete lack of common sense when it comes to the real thing, but a plastic, toy gun?

    The only thing that gun is(was) a danger to is a TV screen.

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