Dragonvale With Robots? You Bastards

Dragonvale With Robots? You Bastards

On no less than two separate occasions have I bemoaned the addictive nature of iPhone breeding game Dragonvale, the mobile game I’ve played longer than any other. Now Backflip Studios takes the same formula and applies it to robots. Dammit.

Gizmonauts, now available on the iTunes App Store, is a robot breeding game. This should make some of the people I used to role-play Transformers with back on those Telnet boards incredibly happy, at least until they realise there’s no actual interfacing involved.

Build robot habitats, create robot hybrids, battle your robots against other robots, decorate your space station, and feed your robots to increase their level — again, dammit.

No doubt Backflip will begin introducing limited edition robots, and then all will be lost.


But hey, if you missed out on Dragonvale, now’s your chance to get in on the ground floor, without having to worry about missing the damn Leap Year Dragon and having to wait four years for it to come back around.


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