Now's Your Chance To Get Every Dragonvale Dragon You've Missed

Notorious for releasing limited-time only dragons and driving players insane trying to breed them before time runs out, Backflip Studios shows fans mercy for the holidays, unlocking every dragon ever released in the game for breeding and purchase — for a limited time, at least.

I have the Leap Year Dragon. The one I've been bitching about all year? It's currently waiting to hatch in my game. You have no idea how much joy this brings me. Now I'm going back to get all the ones I missed when I switched to Gizmonauts.

Not seeing the update for the Android version, but iOS players are free to mate like crazy until January 2, when the breeding frenzy comes to a close.


    Does making them all available now diminish the achievments of those who have earned them prior?

      Only if they are petty people who care more about measuring who's more hardcore or playing the game longer.

      I've played since the start, and have all but one dragon offered, and I am very happy that others who either never got the luck of the draw, or joined after they were around, will now get a shot at some great dragons!

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