• What Do The 10 Top Grossing iPhone Games Of 2012 Have In Common?

    For every overpriced Final Fantasy re-release on iTunes there are dozens of free-to-play social games, refugees from a slowly fading Facebook love affair with microtransaction-driven casual titles finding new sources of revenue in the fertile mobile market. In this year’s list of the top grossing iOS games and apps, the free-to-play game is king.

  • EA: Social Games Aren’t Dying, But Consumers ‘Won’t Pay For Crap’

    With player numbers dropping and the recent revelation that 85 per cent stop playing after the first day, a shadow hangs over the once ridiculously profitable social gaming scene. Speaking today at App Conference in San Jose, Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello said that the decline of social gaming is overplayed; it’s not dying, it’s…