FarmVille Haunted Hollow Chapter 5 Goals: Everything You Need To Know

The next series of goals in the Haunted Hollow saga in FarmVille has now launched, bringing us into Chapter 5. This chapter allows us to win items like decorations, animals and trees for our new farm, and we're here with a guide on finishing them off, thanks to Zynga.

Ent-Ertaining Guests

  • Get 6 Fey Dusts
  • Harvest 50 Sage
  • Make Witch's Brew 3 Times For Fey Dusts, you will need to ask your friends. It helps to include your own messages in requests, if possible, or to comment on your own requests in your timeline. Harvesting 50 Sage will take at least one day, while the three Witch's Brew will require three Ghoul Garlic bushels, three Sage bushels and six Red Tulip bushels, so plant ahead of time. Rewards: 150 XP, Entling (put this guy into your Monster Lab immediately), 3,000 coins

    Nibbler Nursery

  • Get 8 Pumpkin Fungus Stews
  • Harvest 75 Green Toadstools
  • Make Cauldron Stew 3 Times The Pumpkin Fungus Stews will come from friend requests, so plant those 75 Green Toadstools before asking to kill some time. Those will take at least 12 to grow for harvest. For the three Cauldron Stews, you'll need three Sage bushels, six Tombstone bushels and six Tomato bushels. Rewards: 200 XP, Plant Monster Arboretum, 3,500 coins

    Be-Ware of Cactus

  • Get 8 Witch Waters
  • Harvest 125 Wormwood
  • Make Crystal Cocktail 3 Times Again, your friends will provide the Witch Waters, but plant the 125 Wormwood beforehand to kill extra time between replies. Those crops will take at least 2 days to grow for harvest. In the meantime, plant enough for six Spectre Berry bushels, six Jack O'Lantern bushels and three Grape bushels to make three Crystal Cocktails. Rewards: 250 XP, Werecactus, 4,000 coins

    More Than Melon

  • Get 8 Pickled Melon Rinds
  • Harvest 150 Spectre Berries
  • Improve Haunted Mansion to Stage 4 Keeping with this tried-and-true quest design, ask your friends for Pickled Melon Rinds, but before that plant your 150 Spectre Berries, which will take 1 day to grow for harvest. To improve the Haunted Mansion to Stage 4, you will need 16 Cobwebs, 10 Deadwood and 16 Old Fences, all of which come from friend requests. So, start bugging your buddies early. Rewards: 300 XP, Melon Monster, 4,500 coins

    Wisp-Ering Willows

    • Get 9 Wisp Seeds
    • Harvest 175 Zombies
    • Master Entling to 1 Star

    Get to asking for those Wisp Seeds, but plant those Zombies beforehand, as they will all take at least 12 hours to grow for harvest. To master the Entling, you should have placed him in the Monster Lab as soon as you had received him. Rewards: 350 XP, Wisp Willow Tree, 5,000 coins

    Winged Watering Service

    • Get 10 Witchy Watering Cans
    • Harvest 200 Tombstones
    • Make Invisibility Potion 3 Times

    Continue bugging your friends for Watering Cans, but plant those 8-hour Tombstones first to kill some time. For the Invisibility Potions, you will need to plant for three Wormwood bushels, three Green Toadstool bushels and six Aloe Vera bushels. Rewards: 400 XP, Helper Monkey, 5,500 coins

    You'll have just a week to finish off these goals, so you'll need to work ahead as much as you can in terms of crafting objects and planting crops in order to have an easy time of finishing them off before they expire. Good luck.


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    FarmVille Haunted Hollow Chapter 5 Goals: Everything You Need to Know

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