Gaming App Of The Day: Reconstruct The Life Of George From Physical Bricks

There are plenty of LEGO video games out there, but most of them focus on the appearance of the popular building toys rather than the most important element — construction. Rather than assembling the LEGO memories of a pretty awesome guy via button presses, Life of George has you build them out of physical bricks.

Life of George is a gaming app that involves using LEGO bricks to fill a book of memories. Each photo in the book is 2D pixel art made up of bricks. Touching a picture in the book starts a countdown timer, and the player must recreate the object with the bricks provided before the time runs out. It's an innovative way to spend the afternoon with LEGO.

It's also rather expensive. The Life of George and Build Your Brain challenge apps are free for anyone to download on iTunes or Google Play. The physical set runs $US29.99 and contains two bags of bricks, the play mat and a George sticker (going on my car windshield). Is it too much? Again, I am not your accountant.

Life of George — $US29.99 [LEGO]


    Dude, just click the picture, build it, then get a low score. Then try the challenge again, and BOOM you already have it built. Instant 5 stars.

      Achieving what exactly?

        King of George.

    Can't do that... its a random challenge each time you press... its a clever app!

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