Hacking Killed A Square Enix Online Shop

Last month, the Square Enix Official Goods Online Shop was compromised as the third-party server, which hosts its online retail store, was breached.

Today in Japan, the company announced that its official goods online store would be ending its internet shopping service.

At the time of the compromise in September, Square Enix stated that this server does not store credit card information. "We understand that some of Square Enix, Inc.'s U.S. customers may have non-financial (such as name, mailing address, phone number and email) account data on this server," added Square Enix.

During its investigation, Square Enix said it would be taking its online store offline. Its investigation revealed that it was able to confirm that following customer information seems to have been compromised:

• Customer names

• Home addresses

• Phone numbers

• Customers' gender

• Birthdays

• Email addresses

Customers who purchased character goods at the Square Enix online shop might worry that their credit card numbers, credit card expiration dates, and credit card security codes were at risk during this breach. Square Enix, however, initially stated that credit card information was not stored on the breached server. According to the Tokyo-base game company, it's possible the information was access, but there were no traces of this information being stolen in the September attack.

Today's notice from Square Enix reads, "What's more, due to concern, this site is ending its online shopping service."

This doesn't mean that all of Square Enix's online shopping experiences are over. The Square Enix e-Store, which is different from Square Enix Official Goods Online Shop and focuses more on games and music, will thankfully continue to sell Square Enix products online.

Kotaku followed up with Square Enix's North American branch regarding the status of the company's Official Goods Online Shop and whether the Western versions of it will also cease operating. This post will be updated if Square Enix comments on the issue.

In the meantime, you can read the company's previous English language statement on the hack right here.

「スクウェア・エニックス オフィシャルグッズオンラインショップ」における

不正アクセスの可能性について [Square Enix Shop]


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