Hey Internet, Let's Help Zach Braff Find Out What Minecraft Is

Comedian and actor Zach Braff, perhaps in a moment of confusion, took to Twitter like it was Google yesterday to ask the ethereal masses what Minecraft was.

His responses were about what you'd expect.


    Faaaakkkkeeeeeee. Done for PR.

      Yeah totally. Hell both my mum (58) and my grand dad (82) know what minecraft is. Hell even old people I work with at St Vincent De Pauls know what minecraft is.

        and with this in mind, why would he be paid to advertise it?

        mojang have no reason to pay a somewhat popular actor to shell their product, because as you mentioned everyone knows about it, it doesn't need to be advertised in such a crude way

        I say it on every Minecraft/notch article I seriously don't understand the hate for notch and the game

          You're got it the wrong way round. He did it to get attention for himself. He just sold a new tv show that he's writing/directing/producing. It could have been about anything to get people to create a stir.

    I wish people would pay me to say crap.

      Is Kotaku still hiring?

        Can you copy paste irrelivent stuff about us elections and halloween into a .au site where no one cares? If so - you should be able to get a job there.

    Its the game both jd and turk would play at the milkshake fountain on the lesbian cloud in heaven...

    I had to google who Zach Braff was. Oh, it's the Scrubs guy.


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