Seven Days Of The World's Finest Cosplay

It can sometimes be rough trying to find enough quality cosplay to feature in this weekly roundup. Not this week.

This week has just about everyhing you could want, from a high-fashion take on Star Wars to a Final Fantasy wedding, via the Pyro's psychotic dreamland before winding up with some amazing Dragon's Lair cosplay. Yup. Dragon's Lair.

Fancy Pants is a look at the world of cosplay (costume play), where people dress up as their favourite video game characters. Sometimes it works! Sometimes it...yeah.

As seen on SenninUzumaki.

As seen on AlisaKiss.

As seen on The-Kirana.

As seen on RikkuGrape.

As seen on r4di0fly3r.

As seen on diriagoly.

As seen on Kaizoku501.

As seen on sacrossanct.

As seen on nadyasonika.

As seen on neko-tin.

As seen on Teicosplayer.

As seen on CourtoonXIII.

As seen on Ophelia-Overdose.

As seen on Hidrico.

As seen on SupaTunaxXxCosplay.

As seen on Narga-Lifestream.


    You know, for such a MINUSCULE PROPORTION of gaming culture; cosplay gets way too much spotlight.

    And it kinda freaks me out.

      And it kind of always the same stuff.

        Freaks me the hell out too!

          Gets me off sometimes though.....

        When it isn't is pretty awesome though.

        That Dragon's Lair one is SWEET. I'd totally shake that guy's hand.

    One more samus and ima blow a hole in my shorts

    female hawke is pretty awesome.

    I know Samuses (Samii?) are a dime a dozen, but that one tests very high on the strokability scale.

    I don't give two shits about the rest when there is an unexpected Dirk the Daring + Princess Daphne combo. Nice change from the normal Naruto and/or generic anime character getup.

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