The Beautiful Hidden Paintings Of Dishonored

There's no question that Dishonored has great art. But in addition to Viktor Antonov's wonderful art direction, the game also has a lot of great art. As in, there are some really cool paintings in the game? OK, you get it.

Bethesda has pulled together shots of all (I think?) of Anton Sokolov's collectable paintings from the game. These are sorta-spoilers, technically, since some of them are characters that turn up a little later on, but then again, as spoilery things go, they're… kind of just cool paintings of people.

Have you found all of these in the game? I've only found a couple, mostly because the heart doesn't highlight them on my screen when I ask her. And if the heart don't point to it, Kirk don't go collect it. Maybe I should reconsider that approach…

Dishonored Sololov Paintings [Tumblr]


    I love the one of the Outsider. No face adds that kind of mystery to him.

    This is what happens when you choose art direction over graphics. Things actually look good.

    Sokolov does a real good self-portrait. Also, Lady Boyle in white is such a vixen. Nearly had her seduced but the game's options would only let me stick to the mission =(

    ive been loving the paintings ingame, im happy to save them to my actual computer now.

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