This Is What It Looks Like When A Pikachu Explodes

This exploding Pikachu is not actually the creepiest of photographer Alan Sailer's explosions series. (That would be the doll head.) But it's still plenty off-putting.

Sailer is a photographer who specialises in high-speed images — in particular, high-speed images of things being shot or blowing up. As he describes it, the destruction of an innocent Pokémon was merely an explosion of opportunity:

I ran into a garage sale that had this nice big hard plastic Pikachu.

Perfect target.

They wanted 2$, but when I told them I was going to blow it up for a picture, the kid who owned it said alright for one buck.

I filled it with red gelatine, crossed my fingers and fantastic, it turned out great.

The red gelatin is, really, the best and worst part. Poor Pikachu.

Achoo Pikachu [Flickr, via Incredible Things]


    Wonder what PETA is going to do about this? Anyway looks scary seeing a PIKACHU die

    I commend this, quite highly! Rather messed up...

    That kid must have something missing if he doesnt want the statue anymore

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