This Pretty Much Sums Up How I’ve Been Playing Dishonored

This Pretty Much Sums Up How I’ve Been Playing Dishonored

But Dishonored all too often provokes me to kill every single damn living thing on the screen every once in a while. After my rampage subsides, I’ll dip into murderer’s remorse, though, and almost always reload a save to revert the damage I’ve done.

Mute when the music hits if you have to — I personally think it adds to the video — but watch until the end regardless.

About every five minutes or so [YouTube via Reddit]


  • My experience with Dishonored so far:-

    Me: Ok, I just subdued that guy, now I’ll put his body over here… let me just get behind this guy… goddamn I’m right up his arse, why aren’t I getting the on-screen prompt to choke him out?

    Guard: *eventually turns slightly and gets all spidey-sense*

    Me: Oh bugger. *stab stab stab*

    5 other guards suddenly appearing: Die, scum!

    Me: *stab stab stab stab stab stab stab stab stab stab*


  • ^ This.

    Where the hell does that prompt go? I’ve nearly finished the game twice now and it’s still a mystery to me how it just disappears at the worst moments.

      • Yeah, I’m always in sneak mode. Sometimes though I just don’t have the angle/distance 100% right, which screws me at the worst moments. I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it, but I’ve gotten off to a pretty lousy start.

      • Lies! I played through on hard, and it appears perfectly fine when you run up to people as well. They’re just are not allowed to hear you. Some upgrades later on for your boots enable you to run with no sound, so it’s easy to accomplish.

  • i think you need to be sneaking, also in my experience if you’re too close it doesn’t work right, so back up a smidge and then try it

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