Thorkachu Is The Cutest Pokémon Avenger Of All

At first I wasn't sure if this new crossbreed of Pokévengers by AstroZerk made The Avengers more or less menacing.

But then I saw Thor/Pikachu and I realised just how darn cute these new creatures are. Be sure to expand for full cuteness. Pokevengers [deviantART via Reddit]


    That's Raichu.

    We totally don't get along, because he's not my type.

    Last edited 03/10/12 9:34 pm

    Wow! Do you really not know what pikachu looks like?

    For all the people who don't know:

    Hawkeye = Swellow
    Iron Man = Scizor
    Thor = Raichu
    Hulk = Ursaring
    Captain America = Wargle
    Black Widow = Mienshao
    Nick Fury = Scrafty
    Loki = Zoroark

      Captain America is Braviary isn't he?

        Yes, Wargle is the Japanese name.

        I love how Zoroark's face even resembles Loki.

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