Tomb Raider's Publisher Wants You To Shoot Arrows At New York Comic-Con. What Could Go Wrong?

Square Enix, along with many other game publishers, will be descending on the Big Apple next week for New York Comic-Con. And when NYCC starts next Thursday, the company will be letting folks shoot arrows at a target in imitation of the newly-rebooted Lara Croft.

If the following is to be believed, these will be real Clint Barton/Katniss Everdeen projectiles:

In addition to being able to get hands-on time with the game, New York Comic Con attendees will have the opportunity to test their archery skills at the TOMB RAIDER Archery Experience. Each participant will let three arrows fly at their own individual TOMB RAIDER themed shooting target which they can then take as a memory of the event. Those lucky archers who hit a bull-eye will receive a limited edition TOMB RAIDER lithograph. The Archery Experience is being supervised by the New Jersey School of Archery.

See, I'm thinking that if these were Nerf arrows, no supervision would be necessary. Sure sounds like live fire to me. But I'm guessing that most arrows won't even reach the target, much less nail it dead centre.

If you're not into real-life archery, Square Enix will also have playable demos of Tomb Raider and Hitman: Absolution at NYCC, as well as announcement of upcoming DLC plans for Sleeping Dogs. And, if any of y'all go and get a bull's-eye, let your friends at Kotaku know, mkay?


    Well as long as it's supervised, there shouldn't be that much of a problem. Probably want to put some really strong walls or hold the arrow shooting in a separate room, though. Don't want someone with a really bad aim putting an arrow in someone.

      Bring some knee covers.

        Best comment I've seen all week

        Arrow to the knee comments will never I'll take an arrow to the knee for a C.e of tomb raider

    I see no problem with this. It's interesting and supervised. As long as the rest of it is well thought through then it's fine.

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