Will Razer Follow Through On Its 'Project Fiona' Gaming Tablet? It All Depends On Facebook

Remember Project Fiona? Razer's gaming PC trapped in the body of a tablet? It's been a while since we've heard anything about the project, so we'd sort of assumed it had fallen by the wayside. Now it appears as though Razer is attempting to seriously gauge interest before deciding whether or not to start producing the thing seriously.

Yes, it seems as though Razer is playing the old 'Like and Share if you want it' game.

On a recent post on its Facebook page, Razer has stated that if this post receives 10,000 likes or shares Razer will "work on making the concept a reality and launch the product".

Of course, the post has already been liked over 10,000 times, so it's pretty much guaranteed that the product will make it to market.

Interestingly, the Facebook post goes on to discuss plans for crowd sourcing designs.

"[W]e’ll share some of the high-level concepts with you to crowd source some of the design decisions – For Gamers. By Gamers. We’d like to hear how you would like to design the actual tablet right here on the Razer Facebook Page, as well as take suggestions for specs, form factor, pricing, features etc."

Interesting stuff. Would anyone here actually consider buying a gaming tablet? It all depends on the final design for me. It just seems easier to buy a small, powerful laptop at this point. To me, tablets exist to provide a gaming point of difference. I'm happy playing easily accessible, touch controlled games on tablets. It's easy to like or share something on Facebook, but I wonder if Razer will have a harder time convincing consumers to actually lay down the dollars when the product is launched.

But I'm keen to hear your thoughts.


    Are there buttons on the back of the two handgrips?

    Otherwise, how are you supposed to move and push the buttons at the same time (for example, shooting on the move in a FPS), since it looks like both the toggle sticks and buttons will be mutually exclusive to the thumb

      Yeah, it's got triggers and bumpers http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=project+fiona&FORM=HDRSC2

    Its much easier for someone to "like" something on facebook, than actually paying for a product.

    This could be one of the biggest trolls ever. Razer gets 10,000 likes, causing them to invest in making the product, nobody actually buys it, meaning Razer has now learned a very valuable lesson about relying on the "Like" button as a form of market research.

    Still, I'm interested to see whether they are actually able to pull it off because it might mean exciting new things. The current concept looks way too awkward though, difficult to use, and really, we already have gaming tablets, just hook up a controller via Bluetooth and voila! GameTab.

    I just don't see there being much of a market for this thing, regardless of how many "likes" their Facebook gets. The people who actually "miss" physical controls on their tablets may buy it, but I suspect a fair amount of those people will already have an iPad or an Android tablet. Are they going to splash out on another one because it's more gamer-friendly?
    And is it actually compatible with PC titles, or does everything have to come through an app store? If so, are there enough games to support it? Does it have an exclusive killer-app coming which takes full advantage of the controller setup? Or is it just Angry Birds with an analog stick? I'm not really convinced Razer will do well on this, despite it's obvious appeal to the hardcore niche.

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