Xbox 360 Owners Sure Do Love Drone Strikes

Here's a question from tonight's US Presidential debate, put to Xbox 360 owners watching it on their system and taking part in the interactive polls.

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    I thought 80% of deaths caused by drones were civilians? So 72% of Xbox users support this to an extent. wow.

      I wouldnt be so surprised. With the amount of kiddies that play cod.

    The "suspected" bit makes me rather uncomfortable...

      "Suspected" meaning people wearing a burka lol

        Suspected meaning innocent until proven guilty.

          But we'll blow them up anyway, just to be sure....

    Yeah, did they think we wouldn't pick up on the 'suspected' part? Well, 360 users obviously didn't.

    An astonishing 93% also support the tea-bagging of terrorists.

    72% support drone strikes against little whiny 10 year olds, more like it

    If you take the view than the US is going to kill them (from the skies!) anyway, then a drone strike is preferable.

    It's cheaper, harder to detect, can be effectuated faster and doesn't risk the life of a pilot.

    72% of American Xbox users. Can't say anyone else who bother watching it on there Xbox.

    Can't say anyone else would* bother watching it or even could watch it. Shouldn't rush writing these things at work

    the real question is whether they can provide demographic information with the responses.

    i.e. a band

    0-21 - Yes 99% No 0% Undecided 0%
    21-35 - Yes 50% No 0% Undecided 50%

    etc and the portion of ages that make up the vote. For example it could be that only 55 year olds that respond to these things.

    and overlay that with other information like if they play BF3.

    and the quantity of people who voted. seriously like 5 people could have voted for that result.

    I want a bill passed ensuring drone strikes can only be called in after a soldier gets 5 kills.

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